As the first month of the year makes way for the second, it’s evident that time flies whether you’re having fun or not! It is almost 2 years since the the first case of COVID-19 was diagnosed in South Africa and life has been tumultuous to say the least.

For the first time in many of our lives, an event is taking place that has affected every single human being on earth, be that directly or indirectly.


Most of us have had the disease and we all know of someone who lost their lives. Many of us have felt the economic effects as lockdowns crippled businesses, many to the point of bankruptcy.

Social bonds were rent apart due to travel restrictions as well as forced abstinence from work, school, friends and family.


As if all of that wasn’t bad enough many of us have lived in constant fear and anxiety due to the fear porn that mainstream media has been promulgating. It became evident early on that the hymn sheet that they were singing from was tightly controlled. All information was carefully shaped to fit the agenda of a handful of pharmaceutical companies, politicians and governments and unfortunately this still holds true 24 months down the line.

As St Augustine said ‘The truth is like a lion, you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself’. We have a few very brave souls to thank for letting the truth loose. However many paid the ultimate price as they became targets of the modern day ‘Cancel Culture’. All of them were publicly shamed and many lost their livelihoods in the process of telling the truth. This is really not much different to the Salem witch hunts, The Holocaust or Apartheid and will no doubt go down in history as THE greatest crime perpetrated against humanity.


From the outset there were many blatant lies that were told. There were also many unknowns that subsequently came to be known as the wisdom of hindsight was applied. Ironically science often falls into the latter category as it involves repeating the same experiment over again until the results all confer which is then called “evidence”. It is precisely this premise that the COVID-19 house of cards is built on. The people controlling the narrative knew that the only way to gain control is to divide and conquer. And kudos to them they’ve done a great job of creating divisions.

Brother hates sister, parent hates child, Christian hates Christian. Our social divisions are no longer based on the colour of our skin or our religious beliefs. The division is now the vaccinated vs the “anti-vaxxer”. Note, it’s not the vaccinated vs the unvaccinated.

This would require acknowledgment and recognition of the other’s right to choice and bodily integrity.

Once again the media craftily twisted the word ‘unvaccinated’ into ‘anti-vaxxer‘, instantly inferring that the person is non-compliant and is therefore against the general consensus and by that definition is selfish and uncaring.

Dr Robert Malone is an international scientist and physicIan who invented the mRNA technology that both Pfizer and Moderna have adopted for their injections. He has over100 publications and is emphatically PRO-VACCINES.

If anyone on earth was to have an opinion on the mRNA vaccines, Dr Malone would be the authority on the topic. So when he expressed concerns regarding the vaccine’s efficacy and safety one would think that anyone listening would pay very close attention.

He believes that the short cuts that the United States Government took in bringing the mRNA and the adenovirus vaccines to market for this pandemic have been detrimental and contrary to globally accepted standards for developing and regulating safe and effective licensed products.

if the inventor of the technology (who is a vaccinologist) is deemed to not be a credible source of information then who the hell is? Our politicians and governments? Or perhaps Pfizer, who has been criminally fined $2.3 billion for civil allegations under the False Claims Act. Pfizer falsely promoted Bextra, antipsychotic drug Geodon, antibiotic Zyvox, and antiepileptic Lyrica. The company was also accused of paying kickbacks related to these drugs and submitting false claims to government health care programs based on uses that weren’t medically accepted.


Instead of thanking Dr Malone for his insights and lauding him for speaking out he was publicly humiliated and labeled an “anti-vaxxer“!

This example alone should be a red flag to anyone who still believes that this charade is in our best interests.


I was chatting to a dear friend last week about the tennis finals. She was delighted that Novak Djokovic was denied his right to defend his title in the Australian Open. Her exact words were “What an arrogant prick! Does he think he’s God that he expects the rules to be bent for him?”

An interesting perspective. I got the impression that the man was standing up not only for his rights, but for the millions of people out there who have also chosen not to get vaccinated.

I’ve occasionally watched him play tennis and he’s damned good. Perhaps he is arrogant. I would even argue that he has the right to be arrogant considering that he’s been the top male tennis player for years. After all it’s a hard-earned title.


He most certainly has the right to refuse to blindly follow a ‘rule’ that serves no purpose. The vaccinated tennis players are just as likely to contract and spread COV-2 as the unvaccinated so how is he a threat to other player’s?

I wonder how many thousands of people took pleasure from his banning? This type of Schadenfreude is a great example of how groups of people (in this case the vaccinated) define and protect their group identity.

It may be an appropriate response when we see some skanky creep like Jeffrey Epstein being put away but what kind of sick puppies are we to take pleasure in watching a top sportsman be publicly demeaned? Personally I think the guy deserves a medal for having the courage to stand his ground. Had the title been more important than his health I guess he would have capitulated. He most certainly had the most to lose of everyone who was competing Shame on all the other players for not standing in solidarity with him. But that would require rare insight and maturity to realise that they wouldn’t be the tennis players they are without him. In my friend’s defense I think it was more a case of her just wanting someone else to get a shot at the title but I still don’t think he’s a prick for standing up for what he believes in.


Unfortunately a small portion of the people who are not vaccinated do not do the rest of the unvaccinated any favours. These are the raving conspiracy theorists who believe that Draco the reptoid from Planet Z is running the show (or other such outlandish stories). I have removed myself off many groups that have either lost the plot or who have taken the moral high-ground and are reveling in their ‘pure-blood’ smug.

They are too dumb to realize that they have become just like the people that they are fighting.


The bigger threat are the pharmaceutical companies and professional people with influence. This cohort includes doctors who have specialized in something and think they know everything despite the fact that the last time they read any material not related to their speciality was decades ago.

I had the misfortune of having to consult with one such person this week. Due to bureaucracy I can’t just walk in to a hospital and ask for a mammogram. I need to consult a gynaecologist.

This doctor in question has elevated the COVID jabs to the realm of deity. Any questions I asked were deemed blasphemous and were automatically dismissed with the flick of her hand as though she were speaking to a mildly retarded child.

She was of the opinion that up until COVID-19 there were no other human coronaviruses? (for those who are interested there are now 7 coronaviruses including COVID-19).

She was also quite adamant that in the case of COV-2, natural immunity is inferior to that of acquired immunity (vaccinations). This false notion has been disproved in over 100 research studies.


In all the above examples, the media has played a massive role in shaping people’s thinking through the use of spin doctors and ‘fact checkers’. This all happens at the expense of the truth.

The facts are out there if you know where to look but if you don’t do your own investigating you are at the mercy of the propaganda machine who cleverly shape the narrative.


The results speak for themselves. Israel (aptly dubbed ‘Pfizer’s Laboratory’) is the most highly vaccinated country in the world (66% of the population have received full two doses plus at least half of its citizens having received one booster). They are currently reporting the highest daily cases per capita of the Omicron variant in the world with active cases totaling 400,000 people, of whom 533 are currently hospitalized in critical condition. The Israeli government and medical establishments myopic solution is to introduce a fourth booster even though there is no proof or evidence that giving any more of the experimental gene therapy is going to make any difference (except to further erode the recipient’s natural immune systems and to cause cardiac and auto-immune conditions).

If ever Einstein’s definition of insanity were to be observed in action, this would be it.

The crazy thing is that people are still getting COVID-19 after 3 shots and despite horrendous side effects that include paralysis, stroke, bleeding disorders and heart conditions; they are clamouring for the next shot in the hope that THAT one will be their salvation. These are the people who on their death-beds can be heard gasping “Just imagine how much sicker I’d have been if I wasn’t vaccinated.”


Dr Mattias Desmet’s Mass Formation Psychosis goes a long way to explaining the latter behaviour. What one observes with the mass hypnosis is that a large fraction of the population is completely unable to process new scientific data and facts demonstrating that they have been misled. No amount of convincing will penetrate through their fugue. And before you think that these are clearly people with low IQ’s, they’re not. In fact it would appear that the more intelligent people have been afflicted the most. Maybe it’s because they don’t want to entertain the possibility that people that they’ve always held in high esteem would abuse their power to such an extent. Surely scientists and pharmaceutical company’s would never deliberately obfuscate the truth and doctors would never willingly do harm? No one wants to believe that the very people and organizations that are meant to keep us safe are the ones who have left us vulnerable and at the mercy of such evil?


Have you ever been to a butcher in a rural African country? You’ll be greeted by the milky, glazed stare from a cow’s head on a spike. The intestines and blood lie congealing in a bucket and the rest of the animal is hanging off a hook buzzing with flies. It’s enough to have you running for the hills.

Back in Bryanston you’re quite happy to admire the marbling on your Wagyu steak which is neatly packed in a vacuum sealed tray. This phenomenon called cognitive dissonance is when mental discomfort arises due to conflicting beliefs, You love animals, yet you eat meat. In order to justify this chasm you convince yourself that you really need the protein. Or you eat vegetables twice a week as part of a ‘trade’ in order to ease your guilt. Of course you can always adopt the opposite extreme and become vegan. As long as you’re buying burger’s that ‘bleed’ or are tucking into vegan bacon you have merely replaced one ideology with another. None of these approaches actually address the underlying issue.


The only real solution is to reconcile the conflict through self- inquiry. This requires brutal honesty with yourself and a willingness to allow the opposing thoughts to live side by side. This does not necessarily mean that the discomfort goes away, after all you’d have to be pretty insensitive not to feel some remorse for the animal that gave up it’s life to feed you. It’s about owning your choice without feeling guilty or needing to justify your decision. It’s also about learning to live with dichotomy and being equal to the discomfort.

Failing to do so means that you’ll always be in conflict with certain areas in your life. Or you’ll simply just pick a side and deny that its opposite exists, further polarizing the dissonance and making your thinking even more rigid and rendering yourself incapable of critical thinking. You should remain open to healthy debates and viewing things from a different perspective. The minute you find yourself becoming defensive or shutting down you know you’re dealing with a blind spot.


The fact remains that our world is not the same. Believing that things will return to ‘normal’ is naive. Hoping that by giving in to the injection that you’ll be able to pick up where you left off is unrealistic.

As countries start shaking off the grip of insanity that had them enslaved for 2 years, life will start carving out a new path. Maybe that will entail borders opening up again and mandates being scrapped. Perhaps it’ll mean only being allowed to travel if you’re up to date with your quarterly boosters.

Either way the sane thing to do is to envisage a world that holds both of those possibilities. Perhaps you value traveling more than you value your health in which case you’ll be happy being an experimental pin cushion.

I will imagine a life of traveling around South Africa which is really not a shabby prospect. Anything more will be a bonus.


I hope that you will conduct your own enquiry thus opening yourself up to more and more of the truth. If you have the eyes to see the information is there.

Don’t be that person who is always a victim of their circumstance.

See this time as an opportunity to invite change into your life and embrace the silver lining.

And above all else remain true to yourself and share this information.