A month has passed since I wrote my last post and as many of you will attest, time seems to have sped up and we are left feeling as though we haven’t achieved anything.

Looking back over the past 30 days, a lot has actually happened in the Covid19 landscape, some good and some bad.

Let me begin with the bad news so that we may end on a positive note.

Pressure by governments and most medical institutions to get “vaccinated” is at an all time high. Every time we open a newspaper or click on a post from the media we are bombarded by messages to get vaccinated. This despite mounting evidence that the vaccines are failing to deliver what they initially promised.

A new study by the Mayo Clinic found the Pfizer vaccine was only 42% effective against infection in July in the clinic’s home state of Minnesota, when the Delta variant became dominant https://www.citizensjournal.us/stunning-study-reveals-how-ineffective-pfizer-vaccine-actually-is/?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=pmd_yFcJ_YQSDVVpcsqAM1VjsgQfx3GdJVRWiemN2dGjZ3U-1629286462-0-gqNtZGzNAmWjcnBszQeR

The irony is that despite this fact being openly communicated, people are still lining up at my local Virgin Active “walk-thru” to the point where I have stopped going to gym.

Partly because of the lack of available parking space, partly because I can’t bear to see the desperation and fear on the faces of the people waiting in the queue and partly because the gym has now become a possible hot-spot of shedded mRNA and spike proteins.

Last month I wrote about the initial sales pitch made by governments around the world about the global goal of “herd immunity” . As it has turned out this pie in the sky has been a complete failure according to a panel of experts that include the head of the Oxford vaccine team.


I also mentioned that the vaccines neither prevent you from getting Covid19 or indeed stop you from spreading the SARSCOV2 virus. This has been the trend in every country as confirmed by Professor Andrew Pollard, who led the above-mentioned Oxford vaccine team, who said “it was clear that the delta variant could infect people who had been vaccinated”.

Despite the fact that the Pfizer BioNtech Covid-19 vaccine was just 39% effective in Israel where the delta variant is still the dominant strain, the powers that be are still claiming that it provides strong protection against hospitalisation and death despite that as of 15 August, 514 Israelis were hospitalized with severe or critical COVID-19, a 31% increase from just 4 days earlier. Of the 514, 59% were fully vaccinated!

To try to tame the surge, Israel has turned to booster shots, starting on 30 July with people 60 and older and, last Friday (August 13th), expanding to people 50 and older. As of Monday the 16th, nearly 1 million Israelis had received a third dose, according to the Ministry of Health.


To summarise:

  1. Israel was one of the first country’s out of the starting blocks on a mission to get their eligible population vaccinated (78% of those 12 and older)
  2. The Pfizer vaccine was the main drug of choice.
  3. From administering the first vaccine on the 19th December 2020, they began seeing an ever increasing number of ‘breakthrough” infections as early as April 2021
  4. Full vaccination which is deemed from the 14 days of the second dose, would in this case have kicked in on the 1st February 2021 (for those vaccinated on the 19th December) which would indicate that the vaccination only provided a 3 month period of ‘protection’ if that.
  5. As of the 18th August 2021 60% of the serious hospital cases have been FULLY VACCINATED (meaning that they received the full 2 doses).
  6. As of this week 1 million Israeli’s have already received a 3rd dose of the SAME vaccine.
Perhaps I am missing something; I admit that I did not get top marks in statistics. However I am battling to understand that despite 2 failed attempts they are insisting on a 3rd with the same ineffective product. Is that not Einstein’s definition of insanity?

So we have products that neither prevent you from getting the disease or from giving the disease but you are told that it will stop the severity of the disease as well as hospitalisation.

Are we then to just ignore that Israel is logging one of the world’s highest infection rates, with nearly 650 new cases daily per million people. More than half which are in fully vaccinated people?



I recall the saying “THE ROAD TO HELL IS PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS”. I would like to believe that governments around the world did have good intentions when they started spending billions of dollars on experimental gene therapy “vaccines” that have still not been registered by any regulatory authority in the world.

When the 3rd ‘booster’ inevitably proves to be a failure, they’ll introduce the 4th, then the 5th etc. When will they finally acknowledge that there is no difference between breakthrough infections and vaccine failure?

Despite facts that are based on hard data the rhetoric continues and the call for vaccinations goes on uninterrupted. The presstitutes including both the print and radio are complicit in only espousing one side of the story. As I type this blog I’m listening to a highly opinionated, obnoxious host on Cape Talk declaring that he will not allow ‘anti-vaxxers’ to air their views on his radio show because apparently they are all conspiracy theorists. To add gravitas to his one-track narrative the sentiment was reinforced by the ombudsman from News24 who bolstered their shared communist-like confirmation bias.

In his despotic style, he has decided on behalf of all South African’s what is or isn’t fact. I have already taken on a News24 journalist for only writing about the deaths from Covid19 whilst ignoring all the deaths and injuries from the vaccines. Having heard the ombudsman speak it is clear that the tail is wagging the dog and any news that does not conform to his myopic view is censored.

What has happened to ethical journalism that offers a balanced view thus allowing their audience to decide for themselves? Do they deem the citizens of South Africa too stupid and ignorant to form their own conclusions?

If all the information I have provided in this article can be verified through credible and independent sources than why am I still being shut down?!

This extremism and intolerance that I once thought the domain of terrorism has become the everyday milieu . I have encountered raving extremists from both sides of the spectrum who are adamant that their point of view is the only view. This is causing massive ructions in our social fabric and has rent close families asunder. At a time when we should be united we are fighting one another. The irony is that both extremes become the exact thing that they are fighting and are blinded to this by their righteous vitriol.

I was recently accused of being mind-controlled and a tyrant by someone on a Covid19 Whatsapp support group for shutting down speculations about THE global agenda behind this pandemic. Even if a nest of shape-shifting crocodiles are running the show, it does nothing to change the immediate dilemma. Fostering speculations only serves to dilute the actual truth and lumps people who are genuinely vested in revealing the facts into the same group as the ‘conspiracy theorists’ and therefore by association bringing their credibility into question.

If only we could collectively harness the energy that is devoted to speculation into solving concerns that we have influence over, the world would be a less fearful place. When asked my opinion, my repeated answer is that I don’t know, I am not prepared to speculate and as a result I have had to make myself comfortable with not knowing. I do this by accessing a wisdom greater than me, a timeless awareness untouched by any of this.

But people abhor a vacuum. They don’t like to not know and this is where they start filling in the blanks with all sorts of theories that inevitably culminate into fantastical conspiracies.

If Covid has taught me anything it is to be comfortable with the unknown which is an incredibly valuable gift as it helps me to keep perspective and to stay grounded.

I just hope that there are enough people out there who are prepared to question the narrative. It certainly requires a lot of stamina and mental fortitude to stand one’s ground and to seek answers to seemingly impossible questions.

South Africa has come a long way, millions of people are still recovering from the injustices visited on them by an oppressive draconian regime, they will not take lightly to being forced into segregation again.

I choose to remain optimistic and I thank everyone who is standing on the side of truth; just knowing that there are other brave people out there gives me hope for the future.

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