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What Is the Bemer 3000
Written by Laura McDermid   
The fundamental principle of BEMER 3000 therapy is that the signal influences   electrically charged particles, or ions, which are found in all living   organisms.

The BEMER 3000 signal   energetically enables the body's cells to carry out their prescribed function   properly, what they   were meant to do in the first place.


What can BEMER do for you? 


Relieve Pain and Fatigue
Chronic & Age-related conditions
Accelerated Recovery from Surgery, Wounds, Burns, Trauma & Bruises


Full body Oxygenation
Relaxation & Stress relief
Optimise Circulation & Detoxification
General health & Well-being
Minimise incorrect lifestyle behaviour


Non-chemical, Natural
Gives the ‘Edge’ to sports performance
Maintain Physical Health
Faster Muscle Regeneration & recovery from fatigue
Quicker Recovery after Exertion


‘Age-related’ & Chronic conditions
Circulatory Problems
Strokes & Thrombosis


Regain & Maintain Mental & Physical well-being
Vitality & Joy of Life
Effective for the Disabled
Help for the Aged

 Consistency of BEMER treatment

In an ideal situation, BEMER treatment should be applied twice or thrice a day. For general regeneration and maintenance of health, treatment once daily is sufficient. Daily treatment for a period of 5-6 days a week will have remarkable benefits. Painful injuries and low energy levels can be improved within a few treatments.Regarding long-standing, non-responsive chronic conditions, it can take 4 – 6 weeks to feel relief and experience a sustained improvement.For optimum health, BEMER treatments should be ongoing. Within 10 treatments most people will notice benefits to their general condition or specific ailments.

 Note: For optimum results, BEMER 3000 therapy can be applied every 3-4 hours 

To find out more or to book a session please contact Laura on 083 604 0582 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it