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Losing Wait (Weight) – The Best Diet

Our life experienced is focussed through our bodies – it is the vessel we have chosen to partner us through this moment.

And so, our bodies are rather important to us!

If it clicks, creaks, aches, breaks or expands, our attention is immediately drawn to these unnatural and uncomfortable states.

To bring the body back to what we innately know as being a more natural way of being, many people have tried a variety of different diets and weight loss programmes in order to thin down and be more at ease in their body. The majority have not been successful or if successful at first, the weight appears to ‘creep’ back and in no time they are back to their larger size or even larger than that.


It is important to understand that gaining weight is rather a symptom of something much deeper. Excess weight is the protection with which one surrounds oneself - a layer of insulating padding for safety.

The deep-rooted issue behind all the weight gain is generally one of fear. I would suggest that the more frightened or over sensitive or insecure or ‘not good enough’ we allow ourselves to be, the more we feel the need for protection and the more fat we layer around the body.


Layering fat over the:

-          Buttocks and thighs often represents insecurity.

-          Lower abdomen often represents a wanting to be nurtured but at the same time fearing allowing anyone to get that close to them.

-          Below the ribs often represents someone who seeks external validation. E.g. a beer belly.


Ask yourself where do you feel insecure, frightened, over sensitive or ‘not good enough’ in your life and address it with positive affirmations and action.


-          I am safe wherever I am.

-          I am courageous in all situations.

-          I love and approve of me!


So, the best diet is to stop waiting for a better life, but to rather step outside of the customary negative thought patterns you have developed and go out and create a better life for yourself free from negative thoughts and self-criticism.

Diet yourself from all forms of self abuse!

Go forward with positive thoughts and when challenges come your way, as they will, apply yourself to an optimistic outlook and stretch yourself to learn more and create a healthy state of mind.


So stop waiting and get cracking with an upbeat attitude towards yourself as well as towards life and living!


Live consciously