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The Three Rules of Eating


It is wonderfully simple with regards to your cuisine: eating appropriately will ensure that you are energetically at your peak and suitably magnetic.


There are just three rules to follow regarding the consumption of food:


1. Eat only what you enjoy.

Life is about creativity and having joy is so much better than any unpleasantness. Eating is best when the food you’ve chosen to nourish you body is tasty and you can take pleasure in the process of feeding yourself.

Why coerce yourself to eat that which requires you to force it down the hatchet? By doing this, a lower resonance enters into the eating experience.

By all means, try foods at least once to explore the wonders that the expanse of eating offers! But, if you seriously dislike soggy boiled broccoli, don’t force yourself to eat it, instead try steam it, or else opt for an exciting alternative.


2. Enjoy what you eat.

No wolfing it down! Savour your food. Take it slowly, appreciate the mix of flavours, actually taste what it is you are placing into your mouth.

Really bring into action this magnificent sense, allow the food to stay in your mouth for a while before swallowing, so chew it a bit longer, let the essence explode upon your taste buds.

It is best not to heap large quantities of food into your mouth all at once, simply relish what is before you.


3. Always stop short.

Discard that old belief that you need to eat absolutely everything on your plate, it is okay to leave a bit of food decorating the plate once you’ve stopped eating. Or else, do not add that second spoonful onto your plate, possibly do not go for seconds when you would normally have.

By always stopping short of complete fullness and satisfaction, not only to you prevent the over-bloated feeling of eating too much, but your power remains with you. Your power has not been handed over to either the food or your companions or your out-dated belief systems. Hence the body does not expend the energy is has gained from the meal in trying to digest the meal.

Energetically it is far better to remain ever so slightly still hungry after the meal. You shall not experience the sluggishness from over-indulging – a direct example of energy loss – and your mind shall remain sharp and clear.


What a blessing eating is capable of being, the combination of flavours and textures, the creativity and expression all combined to produce an exotic dish to satisfy the body and the soul. Enjoying a meal with others also creates a wonderful atmosphere of sharing and light-heartedness.


A last word on eating, as the ancient temple wall asserts: Everything in moderation!


Live consciously,