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The concept of a natural, wholesome diet for our pets is no new revelation. Our parents, grandparents and great grandparents, certainly would have fed our pets some delicious and nutritious leftovers from the table. Our pets did extremely well on these diets and lived to a ripe old age free of common ailments like skin allergies, irritable bowels, rotten teeth and cancer.

Vondi's is a healthy and natural diet for our pets, very similar to what they would have eaten in the wild. We have noted and learnt from the natural feeding behaviour of dogs in the wild that the top dogs would first eat the pre-digested stomach contents of a herbivore, then move onto the liver, kidney, heart, then the juicy rump and meat. They would also consume meat mixed with fat and then last of all chew on raw bones to strengthen and clean their teeth.

Our suggested natural diet has adopted these studies and observations, together with scientific research on correct nutritional values, to formulate a product that is both user friendly and incredibly healthy.

In the last 50 years the whole nutritional base of our animals has shifted to highly processed and chemically-laden foods, an abrupt change from a natural diet that lasted thousands of years.

While the manufacturers claim that our pets can thrive on a diet consisting of nothing but commercial pet food, research and an increasing number of veterinarians implicate processed pet food as a source of disease or as an exacerbating agent for a number of degenerative diseases.

Vondi’s is nutritional pet food, naturally and holistically formulated that offers your pet a balanced diet to ensure a healthier and longer life. With absolutely NO preservatives, the very special Vondi’s cooking process ensures maximum nutritional value and digestibility and it is personally seasoned with love.

Our food is packaged in 500g bags and we have 6 varieties – chicken, beef, mutton, ostrich, special chicken and special ostrich. Our special diets are for dogs with skin problems or allergies.

We include the following ingredients in our food: split peas, barley, brown rice, lentils, soup mix, garlic, cold pressed olive oil, over 20 freshly picked herbs, fresh veggies – celery, parsley, carrots, and then there’s the meat - chicken, mutton, beef or ostrich.

We have a ten year proven record of success, especially in treating pets with skin allergies. We also treat cancer patients with a special high protein diet.

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