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Meal Blessings
Reasons and Tools

Food is an area where there is already an awareness around charging the meal through a prayer or through a blessing prior to the fare being consumed – in effect setting a resonance for the food and atmosphere around the table.

To charge something is to infuse it with your own energy – be it positive or negative. For example, to criticise something is to infuse the item or situation with your own personal style of negative energy. To find that which pleases you is to infuse it with a glowing energy of your creation.

It is essential to remember that above all else we live in a world of energy, thereafter it is world of objects as it is very obviously a world of objects as well.
Now, anything can be charged and in fact everything is continually being charged by ourselves as we pull life through us.

Charging a meal is of particular importance when the food has been prepared by someone other than yourself as they have infused the meal with their pleasure or pain in creating it and the vibration of where their emotions and thoughts were during preparation. Be aware of positively charging food that has been purchased from a take-away.

Technique for charging your food:


This can be done physically or as a visualisation.

  • Hold the food or plate of food with your three healing fingers from each hand (thumb, pointer finger and middle finger – the three fingers Jesus holds up).
  • Hold the food or plate of food away from your body in front of your heart chakra (in the centre of the chest).
  • Bless the food from your third eye – feel the energy move from your forehead to the food and then received by your heart chakra. It won’t feel like a thunk as the energy moves, more like a flowing out, to the food and back again.
  • Feel appreciation for the hands that prepared the meal, the plants and animals that it is comprised of.
  • NB – be aware of feeling grateful. The energy of gratefulness is the energy of feeling as if you owe, that you have received something and there is a debt outstanding. Be aware of the difference in resonance between appreciation and gratefulness. Access appreciation for the gift of food.
  • Charge your food with any wonderful positivity you desire such as love, joy, health, great conversation around the table.


Certain items are highly susceptible to charging to increase energy in certain things, parsley as an example. Parsley in water enhances the energy in water by 10 fold. Suggestion for use:

Place a few parsley leaves in your water, charge the water with e.g. health or clarity of mind, perseverance, the proper absorption of your meal, improving the efficacy of your supplements or food digestion etc. The options are limitless!

Another energetic food tip is to note that food picked and eaten straight from the vine, tree or ground has a higher energy content than if it has been picked a few hours or days before being consumed.

Live consciously,
Kerrith Fraser