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“I am being approached by two beings wearing golden cloaks”
“What do they look like?” I ask
My client frowns in concentration. “I don’t really know – I can’t see their faces, it just seems to be a ball of light where their heads are”
“What do they want from you?”
A beatific smile spreads over my client’s face
“They are coming to guide me home” she says.

This is quite a common theme that I hear from clients’ that I have regressed through hypnosis to the point of their death when their souls are released from their bodies. For those of you who are familiar with the grand-master Michael Newton’s work on regressional hypnotherapy including his works “Journey of Souls” and “Life Between Lives”, the conversation above will sound very familiar. However, the sceptics amongst us will probably find reasons as to why all these recounts are so similar. Perhaps the person in question had read about similar episodes before, or maybe they had seen something related on television. Maybe, except that the interaction that I have quoted above was a regression on a seven year-old girl. Her mother had bought her to see me due to an irrational fear of water that her daughter had ever since infancy. There were no incidences that the mother knew of that could have created her daughter’s phobia – in fact the fear was so bad that the little girl refused to bath in water that was more than a few inches deep.

As I suspected, the fear had nothing to do with anything that had occurred in this lifetime, but was instead related to a past-life incidence where she was drowned as punishment for something that she had done. Through a couple of sessions we were able to resolve her fear and she is now swimming and doing things that she was previously too petrified to do.

This is the beauty of hypnotherapy – there are many applications, ranging from addictions, insomnia, stress, fears and phobias. Having been a huge admirer of Michael Newton’s work – I had always had a fascination with Past Life Regressions (PLR’s). They provide an insight into a world that we are unfamiliar with and give us glimpses as to the origination of certain unnatural fears and hang-ups that we previously had no understanding of. It also provides a platform to travel back in time and re-live certain painful experiences in order to resolve any severe emotional blockages that we may be grappling with that are preventing us from having fulfilling relationships in this life-time.

This is no Voodoo, and is best done under the auspices of a trained, certified hypnotherapist (note, not ‘hypnotist) who has some counselling skills as the experience can be very traumatic. It can also be extremely liberating and fascinating – all it needs is an open mind and a desire to change. It may be a profound spiritual experience as we often get to encounter wise, sentient ‘beings’ in the realm of energy and souls. The experience can also be deeply comforting to those who have lost loved ones and want to understand what happens to them after they die. This is the reason that initially got me interested in the subject, and although I never made contact with the departed person, I gained a lot of solace from being in the timeless, borderless, loving realm where I know we all come from and where we all go to when we make our transitions.

Sadly, not all of us can be Cleopatra or Ghandi. The reality is often a lot more mundane, as we find ourselves dressed in the rags of a serf living uninspired ordinary lives!  Whatever your beliefs, experiencing a PLR is something you are unlikely to forget – whether you are seeking assistance with an obstacle or whether it is just plain curiosity.

Article by Laura McDermid, certified Hypnotherapist (International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association)

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