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Your Driving Force – A Vehicular Mirror Our family is car mad.

In fact, it is not only car mad, but motor mad – a bunch of petrol heads and diesel fanatics. Each and every thing can be opened up to see how it works and if broken, how it can be repaired – from electric gates right through to gear boxes and engines! With this vehicular focus in our lives, our attention is drawn to the reflection that our vehicles present to us on a day to day basis. Have you ever considered the possibility that your car/vehicle is mirroring you right back to yourself? I’ve often heard about someone who is late for work: they rush outside only to discover that the car doesn’t start, which makes them even later for work. The question might arise: How much do they desire to go to that job? Or even, what is preventing them from moving? We have a car each. At one particular time both of us were really tired, working long hours each day, coming home after dark to simply bath, eat and sleep. After a week or so of this, both cars had problems starting. It would take a few cranks of the starter before turning over or it would simply not start at all – the batteries were flat! Each morning we’d jump start one of the cars and crank away at the other. However, we did take a step back and evaluate our situation and what the cars were telling us: We had starting (project) problems and we were also just flat-out tired of working so hard! Our solution was to take a well-deserved rest, a bit of R&R and spend some time together to rejuvenate and allow the desire for life and living to sparkle within us once more. We replaced a battery in the one vehicle and discovered that we need to switch off the other vehicle in a special manner in order for it to start correctly the next time (she is a finicky rotary engine that wants special attention!) Once back home again with a new joie de vivre, both vehicles behaved themselves very well – a super reflection of how things were going. Now each time we have a bit of a knocking noise, a ball joint problem, windscreen wipers not working properly, we ask ourselves: what is going on right now in our lives that needs attention? Rather sort out the small reflections, no-one wants a car accident to slow them down and force them to take stock of things. Perhaps next time the windscreen wipers aren’t working, you may ask: What is it that I am not seeing? The engine is knocking: What is burdening my heart? The radio/CD not working: Is there something that I’m not hearing or listening to?

Have lots of fun with your vehicles – they are talking to you all the time!

Live consciously