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For many years I worked hard at my job, believing in my heart of hearts that one day I would be driving that fancy sports car, living in that beautiful suburb and travelling the world at will.

Somewhere along the line, there was a disconnect between reality and my desires. I had not sat down and looked at my life and situation with an objective eye, otherwise I would have seen that the path I was on was not going to get me to where I wanted to be.

However, if you had asked me at that time if I had evaluated my life I would have exclaimed, probably indignantly, “Of course!!” and believed myself.


It was quite some time later I discovered that I was not living the life that I had so joyously pictured years ago. Time had passed and I had been so wrapped up in climbing the corporate ladder, that my life had improved – yes – but marginally so and certainly not to the exeant of the dreams that had inspired me to go out into the work place.


The bottom line was - I required a different vehicle to get me to my dream destination. The vehicle I had chosen at the time was to work in corporate and they took complete care of me: car, fuel, medical aid, telephone, internet. It was wonderful and yet with all that it provided, there were limitations. The vehicle was no longer serving me and I wanted to find a different one, one that would allow my dreams to unfold and where I would discover more about me.


I think an important step in living a full and satisfying life, is to spend some wonderful time choosing that which you want from this life: a loving partner, to see the world, health – whatever you wish is just A-ok. One step further is to define it more: explore the Taj Mahal, drive a Chevy Corvette or invent a new biofuel!

Then to take a look at what you may or may not be doing in line with achieving your dreams. Perhaps you may be doing something to hinder the process?

All dreams are possible and the more focus you place on your dreams, the more they expand and whispers and small signs are attracted into your life.

Have you noticed how if you had spent the previous night excitedly talking about a trip to Egypt with your partner, that there is either a documentary about Egypt on your tv channel, or an Egyptian article in your favourite magazine that you always get, or you receive a pyramid-shaped pencil sharpener? As you focus on your dreams, so you begin attracting more and more of them towards you and the visible and tangible become part of your life.

The key is to focus on that which you desire, do not be distracted by that which you do not desire because the more you focus on that which you do not desire – the more it becomes present in your life.


So if you catch yourself thinking that work is all drudgery and toil, cast your mind towards more pleasant options: how would you like to be spending your time instead? Perhaps, you can evaluate if your current vehicle will help you achieve your dream. If not, allow an new option to present itself. It is as simple as stating the request that a new vehicle is desired and then one will make it’s way to you!


So perhaps now it the time to ask yourself:

Do I have clarity on where I am going?

Am I clear on what it is I want?

Where do I want this relationship to go?

It is important to not only decide if the answer is Yes on No, but to put into words what it is that you desire from life, work, relationships, creativity, freedom.


Keep your eyes and hearts open!

Live consciously