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The day Larry and my romance began I couldn’t help but take a peek at our ‘code’ – the synergy of our individual energy make-up, expressed in numbers. I told him our numerology revealed a very dynamic relationship. I said we would enjoy endless laughs, chat up a storm, be at our happiest when we travelled together and generally have loads of light-hearted child-like fun. I said our relationship could benefit our personal sense of freedom and self-confidence and - since there was a burgeoning soul connection - we would mirror each other’s neuroses. This could be transformative and healing; a growth experience which brought about new beginnings. But, I predicted, ultimately we would have a full-on clash of wills and the party would be short-lived. I was spot on about it all, except the very last bit. We’ve been together for nearly six years; albeit the head-butting, power struggle the numerology indicated kept us apart for stretches of time in between as we figured out our stuff.*

I’ve learnt a lot since then. Although my experience with the four codes I work with in ‘readings’ has given me confidence in their potential for uncanny accuracy, ultimately, anything is possible. Everything is determined by the far-seeing intentions of the souls animating the energetic construct. Although I love working with couples, helping them to understand how they are individually and collectively made up, what drives them and what the design of their union is about, I’ve learnt not to predict.

There are synergies of energy that create dynamics where love flows more readily and harmony comes naturally. If that’s where you are at as a soul then that’s what you’ll get. And there will be other arenas that stretch you. But for some, like me, these idyllic unions may even thwart the will of the soul, which is bent on using life on earth as a growing experience. So the real value in quantifying the nature of the dynamics in a relationship is that understanding leads to acceptance. And there is great power to be gained in knowing what you’re dealing with, so you can work with what it Is, realising that it is what you need at this point in time, otherwise it wouldn’t be in your world. Rather than wasting energy in bucking against it. Of course, the romantic me, yearned for the perfect relationship. One which just worked automatically. But that’s not what I needed, even if it was what I wanted. It was through the trials and tribulations that Larry and I experienced that I underwent my most profound period of personal evolution, precisely due to the nature of our challenging synergy. I look at my numerology and see that I am an ambitious soul, hell-bent on healing my unhealthy paradigms and determined to attain emotional independence, so that I could attract the whole relationship we now enjoy, rather than the co-dependent relationships I always previously suffered under.


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