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Into-Me-See (Intimacy!)


Relationships are the most amazing universities of higher learning, about others for sure, but most importantly about ourselves. Romantic relationships provide a space where we can experience more about ourselves through intimacy, or another way of saying it: into-me-see!

Let’s look into a few common relationship challenges and shine a spotlight directly on into-me-see.


That green-headed monster called jealousy has probably bitten us all at one time or another. Now, jealousy is really just a means of control, of controlling the other person in the relationship. Deep down inside in the dark, hidden depths, lies a huge insecurity and feeling of not being good enough. In order to feed this insecurity so as to make oneself feel a bit safer, the green headed monster rears its ugly head and gives rise to all sorts of wild suspicions and makes rules and restrictions on how things are to be.

Jealousy is quite obviously a dreadful feeling and after experiencing it, I certainly didn’t like how I felt. The key here is to work on your self worth and to remember that to love is to set free. However, it is also important to remember that you have choice and to choose to have a relationship with someone who respects you and your desires as you do theirs.


You know how some couples just know things about each other? Or they hold this half conversation between them which no-one else can follow because they use so few words before the other partner knows what they mean and they move onto the next part of their conversation? Well, when a relationship is intimate, caring and loving the most amazing telepathy can spring up between the two partners. It is a deep understanding of each other, an empathy and a communication of a much higher scale than just words can convey. One of the big blocks that prevents this deep connection with each other is the keeping of secrets from one other. Secrets create a separation between people, between minds. When you have nothing to hide from the other person, your mind and your heart are open, allowing this tender communication between you and your loved one. If you have no secrets it is very much easier to communicate telepathically with one another. Therefore, it is important to live a life in which you take care of your thoughts and actions, to live honestly to that which you want from it so that you do not create anything you wish to keep secret from your partner. To live a life creating very few secrets in order to allow you to access a deeper connection with your ‘soul mate’.  

We fear telling people our secrets because we fear we will be rejected and we still want that External Validation from them, we still want them to love us and look at us in that same special way.

So, ultimately we best live authentically to ourselves!


Really loving someone means that there are no conditions. Generally when people say that they want love, they really mean that they just want to be taken care of.  And so many confused people end up looking for someone to take care of them, not care for them. Many other people substitute money for love, of having the financial means to be taken care of and so they wipe their brow and sigh a huge sigh of relief that they no longer have to fend for themselves in that way, but for some reason their lives still feel so empty.

Be aware of settling for being taken care of instead of being cared for!

Being genuinely loved and cared for is a nourishing and supportive relationship in which one can grow and be more than they were before the relationship.


Live consciously