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What is Lymphology? PDF Print E-mail

Every healing art on earth involves getting oxygen to the cells!

Deep breathing, rubbing the body, stroking the body, compressing tissues, and energy as taught in Lymphology have the ability to activate the lymphatic vessels. When the lymphatic vessels are properly activated, they have the ability to pull out the dead cells, poisons and excess water from around the cells to get the cells into what is called the "Dry State".

When the cells are in this state, there is no excess water around the cells, only enough water to fill the crevices around the cells, and that is all, This is the condition that all cells in your body must be in to get oxygen from the blood stream, According to Dr C Samual West, "No pain, loss of energy or disease (of any kind) can exist when you get the cells into this condition",

It took Dr West seventeen years to conduct the research that proved that this "Dry State" condition was medically documented between 1930 and 1961 at the Harvard Medical and other schools of medicine. In 1976, Dr West made a major life-saving discovery that revealed that the sodium-potassium pump that is in every cell, in every organ, and in every part of your body - actually generates electricity. He founded the following formula:

Oxygen= Pumps = Electricity = Power

The sodium=potassium pumps in the muscle cells are able to generate the electricity that provides the muscles with enough power so that you can walk and run. This is how the heart gets the power to beat, and to get every organ in the body to function.

The lymphatic system can be 'clogged' with excess blood proteins, water, fats and cellular debris. This can lead to poor health and eventual cell death. If our lymphatic system is not functioning properly, then lymph drainage will assist in getting the process started. The deep tissue massage will assist in removing the accumulation of waste materials and will thus stimulate the sodium-potassium pumps in all the cells to start working optimally again. Lymph drainage is a very important aspect when detoxing, as just following a detox diet will not have the desired benefits if the lymphatic system is not working.