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All About Crystal Healing


Crystals provide holistic healing by working on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels in order to create a state of balance and unity.

They act on the subtle, electromagnetic bodies that surround the physical body as well as the chakras to rebalance and realign the energy which may have been disturbed and thus resulted in dis-ease.

Our etheric bodies are unseen, however they penetrate and surround our physical body. If there is a disturbance in our aura (also known as the etheric body) or in its connection to the physical body, the body may manifest this disturbance as dis-ease i.e. not functioning as how it was intended.

Chakras are the energy centres that connect our electromagnetic bodies to the physical body. If a chakra is blocked or over active and this continues without change, it leads to physical, emotional and mental issues.

Emotional imbalances of an excess of energy exhibits as anger, frustration or irritation; too little energy as apathy or depression.

Mental imbalances can display as autism or dyslexia in children and stress or memory loss in adults.

Spiritual imbalances can present as emotional or mental imbalances or a disturbed mental state.

There is a crystal to correct any imbalance that is presented, however it is important to realise that crystals work with the cause and not with the symptoms. Crystal energy is very gentle and quietly works to realign the chakra energies.


Humanity has been using crystals for healing as far back as 5000 years ago. Traditional Chinese Medicine made extensive use of crystals and the Ancient Egyptians used crystals in their prescriptions as well. The connection between treating the etheric body with crystal energy has been used successfully for thousands of years.


Healing Physical Conditions

Crystals can be carried around with you, placed over the affected area or organ, brushed over the body and even placed in the bath.


Headaches: Amethyst, Amber or turquoise placed on or around the head can help relieve a tension headache.

Obesity: Green Tourmaline

Sinus: Azurite, Blue Lace Agate.


It is important to consult a crystal healer as certain crystals used in combination support each other and others cancel each other out. Crystals work on the cause of a problem and not the symptoms and although crystals can be chosen to reduce symptoms, it is best to consult someone qualified in order to get to the root of the concern.