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Ayurveda is an ancient system of healing documented in the Vedas and practised by the Rishis in India. Ayur means life and Veda means science, therefore Ayurveda means the "Science of Balance in Life".

Ayurveda incorporates the knowledge of the five elements: Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth, which create of the three Doshas (Life Forces): Vata= Space & Air, Pitta= Fire & Water and Kapha= Water & Earth. The three Doshas are constantly changing with our lifestyle, food, environment & company we keep.

The 3 Doshas & their True Nature:

(1)VATA=Dry, light, mobile, expandable, quick, cold, rough, clear & astringent

(2) PITTA=Hot, penetrating, foul smelling, liquid, sour and pungent taste.

(3) KAPHA=Soft, well built, slow, poor appetite, cool & pleasant appearance.


Typical Indications of Imbalance:

(1) VATTA= Dryness, skin disorders and pain

(2) PITTA= Burning, fever and vision impairments

(3) KAPHA= Obesity, cough, cold and Asthma


All constitutions can have Abhyanga Oil Massage with a slight variance on the Oil and pressure used. An Ayurvedic Massage by a Wellness Consultant soothes the nervous system, rejuvenates the skin, bestows youthfulness & longevity, as well as relaxes body & mind. One can receive a traditional 4-hand massage as part of Panchakarma Therapy, whereby 2 Technicians work simultaneously to smooth the body with warm Oil... The next issue we will discuss this further.

(1) VATTA= Warm Sesame Oil with slow movements

(2) PITTA= Cool Coconut Oil- which is best used in Summer

(3) KAPHA= Warm Sesame Oil with fast movements

We can all achieve balance in life with awareness of the mind through Meditation & Breathing practices, awareness of the body through Massage  & Yoga, and awareness of the Self through Grace, Spiritual Healing and feeling connected to the Divine or Cosmic Consciousness.


Claire Stephenson has been a Wellness Consultant for the past twelve years! She travelled to the Bangalore, India in Nov '07, where she participated in Sri Sri Yoga TTC1- qualifying in Howick, South Africa in May '08. Her journey to learn more about the Vedas took her to Bad Antogast, Germany, where she learnt Sri Sri Ayurveda Massage- qualifying in Dec '08. There she spent her time at the Hamburg AOL Centre- managing, facilitating travelling Massage and teaching Sri Sri Yoga classes. In Nov '09 she went back to India and took part in a three month Intro to Ayurveda Course at the Gujarat Ayurveda University. She then spent time again at the Bangalore Ashram, doing SEVA in Sri Sri Panchakarma. Back in South Africa- JHB, she now offers Massage, Talks Lifestyle Consultations and Cooking Courses.

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