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The subtleties of animal ‘speech’ are deafening once you’ve learnt to interpret them!
Never again will you think that they are not telling you something loud and clear. They say what they want and are obvious if they don’t want it – no two ways about it. Animals emotionally wear their hearts on their metaphorical sleeves, they play no silly emotional games which we humans use all the time – both consciously and unconsciously – to hide and protect our true selves from others. Animals are honest and upfront, no guile or hidden agendas, just them being them in the moment with all the ups and downs that their world contains.
The majority of humans are so wrapped up in themselves, in their day to day, that it is indeed considerable when we step outside of the human mentality to take into account the animal world as an intelligence. And in the space between, the animal kingdom has had to learn and adapt themselves in order to communicate with us bungling humans.

Acknowledging that our pets are intelligent is a giant leap in the right direction.
The next is to realise that they are listening to us all the time, hearing what it is we say, seeing what it is we do. They observe how we either follow through on our word or we simply do not follow through on what it is we say – in fact, how we lie. How we lie to them and how we lie to ourselves. It is cut and dried with them.
They hear us all the time, but they have heard us yapping on for so long, blathering without expecting a response (we are, afterall, only talking to the dog/cat) that they may now expect very little from these self-absorbed humans. But, if you speak and then ‘listen’, they are saying a tremendous amount in their often very quiet way.

Creating a Link of Reciprocal Communication

Clarity within Yourself
Stop with the fibs. You may not realise that you are lying, so be aware of what it is you say. So if you are contradicting yourself – cut it out!
There is no ‘Maybe’ with them. In other words, “Maybe we can go to the park this afternoon,” means – we can go to the park this afternoon. It creates an expectation within them and if you do not go to the park, the poppet has been set up by you for a very big disappointment. So, it is important to be clear here, for yourself and for them. Either you go to the park and in the moment say, “Hey Fido, it’s time to go to the park!” and then you go and there is much joy and pleasure together. Otherwise don’t say anything at all because if you start with the whole ‘maybe’ thing and you don’t go, you’ve lied to them. Soon, they don’t believe a word you say or are constantly disappointed by you and in you.

No means No and Yes means Yes.
It is important to follow this through with application to both ourselves and the furry family (and children included) in order to have a wonderful harmonious relationship.
It is wholly unpleasant and exceptionally confusing when No occasionally means Yes, particularly when it’s too much of an effort to make it mean No.
‘No, I do not want you begging while I eat’, should ALWAYS mean the same. Hence, do not feed the pooch from the plate every now and again because then No means Yes, well some of the time it does, doesn’t it? Does it mean No tonight? Or only nights when there are bones on the plate? Or is it just nights when it’s meatballs for dinner? Does it mean No only on Wednesdays? Is it No every other night or just  tonight? Or is it…confusing? Why, sure it is!!
No means No and stick to it. So….
No, I don’t want you to chew the rugs.
Yes, I want you to pee outside on the grass! (Lots and lots of praise here – Good girl! So clever! Lots of lovings.)
No, I don’t want you barking the whole time I am trying to speak to someone.
Yes, I love it when take food out my hand nicely! You are such a honey, so precious! Lots of lovings for you.

Got it? Great! Lots of lovings for you too!
Have fun with these exquisite beings and give them the respect, love and care that they lavish on you as their exquisite being!

Live consciously,