How to Empower Yourself with EFT Print

In case you’re wondering – it’s not the ‘Electronic Fund Transfer’ type, which normally empties your bank account.

EFT is short for Emotional Freedom Techniques that is like an emotional needle-free version of acupuncture! Otherwise said, it’s a way to drastically reduce your stress around a specific issue so that you can think about it more clearly and therefore make more effective decisions.

It's a short, fascinating procedure that can be used for almost any ailment you can think of - be it physical or emotional. It has been used for an enormous variety of conditions and thousands of clinical and case studies have been documented.

An abbreviated list of some of the successful cases include

  • Pain management
  • Sports performance
  • Serious diseases
  • Minor ailments like colds and sore throats
  • Trauma and traumatic memories
  • PTSD
  • Grief, sadness and loss and other unresolved emotions
  • Fear and phobias
  • Relationship issues
  • And so much more

How does EFT work?

Up to very recently, most of the medical profession has had us believe that we're nothing more than a cluster of cells - a body with a bunch of organs, limbs and other biological structures. However, for more than 5,000 years, it's been well known in Traditional Chinese Medicine that a series of invisible channels (called meridians) feed the body with energy. Sometimes one of these channels can be 'blocked' and energy flow to a certain body part is impeded. The restricted energy flow can result in dis-ease and other undesirable conditions (like stress!). Unblocking this meridian and allowing the energy to flow again, is the basis of the ancient science of Acupuncture and Acupressure.

Using needles is not very comfortable, though, and fills many people with fear. It requires years of dedicated study to know and find which meridian is blocked, and which of the 100's of points to use for the unblocking. Not many therapists or laymen have the desire or time to study this ancient science!

To use EFT, you don't have to have detailed knowledge of the meridians. A very basic knowledge of some of the important points (which is taught in the free EFT manual and in our workshops) is more than enough to start using EFT as a self-help tool, and even to start helping others.

The procedure itself takes only around a minute, after which you 'check in' to see whether the problem seems any better - and then repeat the steps as necessary.

The Foundation of EFT

The basic premise of EFT is that “All negative emotions are caused by a disruption in the body's energy system”. It’s called ‘The Discovery Statement’ in EFT lingo.

When we experience a stressful or traumatic event, there’s a kind of static that is created in the body’s energy system - a disruption in the energy flow. When we think about this event again, that same static is felt – like a ‘zzzt’ in a television.  We experience and feel this in our bodies as the butterflies in the stomach, the tightness in the chest, the constricted throat, or tears, or a headache… all those physical signs we recognize when we’re stressed.

There is irrefutable proof that unresolved emotions and stressful events lead to our bodies 'complaining' and giving us messages. Much research is being conducted in this area. Gregg Braden writes

“...for each nonphysical feeling, emotion, and belief that we create within our bodies, there is the physical equivalent of that experience that becomes the makeup of our cells. So we literally have what we may call "love chemistry" and "hate chemistry". “  (The Spontaneous Healing of Belief).

Our bodies are quite literally flooded by a different set of chemicals, depending on the emotions we feel. In The Divine Matrix Gregg Braden writes “Scientific research has shown that as we change the way we feel about what's happened to us in our past, we change the chemistry in our bodies in the present.”

So how can you change the feelings you have about the past?

The great news is that this incredible and simple self-help tool has become available to every single person walking the planet. Help is at hand, and the magic is in your fingertips!

Can you use EFT for myself?

It’s easy to learn to apply EFT for yourself on any issue. There are many free resources available. You can download a free manual from the official EFT website  In our experience, it works best to attend a 1-day Basic EFT workshop to avoid the biggest mistakes beginners may make. If you have really big challenges to address, like abuse, rape or other trauma, in our experience it’s the best to work with a qualified EFT Practitioner and not attempt the deep work all by yourself.

To address an issue with EFT, there are a few steps to follow:

Identify and get really specific about the issue you want to address, for instance “I have a pain in my left calf”

Rate the intensity of the challenge on a scale of 1 – 10 (for instance, the pain in my calf is a 7 out of 10)

Create a ‘setup’ statement that refers to the challenge – in this format:


  • “Even though I have this pain in my calf, I deeply and completely love and accept myself”
  • Say this statement 3 times out loud, while you tap with the fingers of the one hand, on the ‘karate chop’ spot of the opposite hand


Now do a round of EFT by lightly tapping each of the following points about 7 times, while you repeat your ‘reminder phrase’ (a short phrase that will help you stay tuned in to the problem). In this case the reminder phrase would be “pain in my calf”. Do it like this:


  • Eyebrow : “Pain in my calf”
  • Side of Eye: “Pain in my calf”
  • Under Eye: “Pain in my calf”
  • Under Nose: “Pain in my calf”
  • Chin: “Pain in my calf”
  • Collarbone: “Pain in my calf”
  • Under Arm: “Pain in my calf”
  • Top of Head: “Pain in my calf”


Rate your intensity on your issue again – is it still 7 out of 10? Repeat rounds of EFT until the intensity of the issue is down to a 0


What can make or break the use of EFT?

Obviously I described a very simple situation in the above example. Mostly our challenges are interlinked with many other challenges and that’s where great detective work by an experienced practitioner is invaluable. If your experience with EFT thus far has not impressed you, I urge you to please find a new practitioner!

EFT works best the more specific we are.  It’s never, ever EFT that doesn’t work. It’s more a case of “We haven’t found the real issue yet” and we need to find all the different pieces (aspects) that contribute to the problem. An issue like “I’ll never be good enough for my mother” can be very successfully addressed with EFT with the addition of a few important ingredients. By itself, this statement is much too global for effective EFT.  It needs to be broken down into smaller pieces, so that we can work with specifics.

A global issue like “I’m not good enough” is like a table top. It is held up by table legs. The table legs are the individual, specific events that led you to believe that this is the case. It can be 3, 10, or 100 different events that contributed to this feeling.

A good EFT practitioner will help you to find those contributing events and ‘discharge’ the intensity on each. This is like sawing off each table leg. When you saw off one leg, the table is slightly unstable. When you chop down a few of the legs, the table will collapse and your issue will simply disappear. I’ve had clients who were in tears the first time they said “I’ll just never be good enough for my mother” and after a few sessions, when asked to repeat those same words, a look of disbelief crossed their faces and they almost laughed at such a preposterous idea.

A Gentle Therapy

An important distinction is that EFT attempts to heal trauma virtually painlessly. A good practitioner can help you to work through your challenge without even having to know what it is. You can have complete privacy while the negativity and stress around your issue is gently erased. There are many NLP based techniques available to a skilled EFT Practitioner that can make your healing virtually tearless.


Emotional Freedom Techniques is an amazing self-help tool that can treat emotional and physical issues alike. Our issues, whether small, big or overwhelming, can be addressed simply, painlessly, gently and kindly.

For more information, please contact Liesel or Laurie of The EFT Academy of Southern Africa.

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