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Moon Energy

The Moon is the eighteenth card in the Tarot deck, part of the Major Arcana.

The teachings and healings the moon has to offer are gentle and yet deeply powerful. She is about self-reflection: about looking within yourself, facing your true self which consists of what is perceived as your dark and light sides. It is about allowing these two aspects to surface for your examination and to be completely honest with yourself.

Healing comes through exploring your self worth and all that you keep within yourself which holds you back from achieving the more. The more relates to all that you dream about, all that you desire, all that gets your blood pumping and raises your levels of excitement and joy! All that pulls the life through you and expands your human experience!

The energy of the moon is about the potential to do absolutely anything. Every one of us has the potential to do anything and all that we want as all is possible within this realm of existence.

It is simply to allow for the possibility that all healing and health is possible, to shift from a restrictive mindset to one that is allowing of all possibility, a reality that is more flexible with fewer belief constraints and more possibilities.


The Moon card depicts a gateway that one needs to pass through. It is the gateway of your self worth, your self reflection.

- How worthy do believe you are to receive healing?

- What are your belief systems around health and healing?

- What stands in the way of your health physically, mentally, emotionally and on a higher level?

Let all that is holding you back go. Distract yourself with bigger and better possibilities.

The moon’s energy is completely passive


the energy is made available for the possibility of all. And so procrastination and indulgence can be a trap of great magnitude because of her quiet, unsuspecting and yet tremendously powerful energy. There is no force, no gentle prodding, no push and most definitely no direction because the limit of your imagination of what you can perceive for yourself is only the limit of what you can create in this world out of what it is you desire.

It is important to remember that we are not subject to the stars, but that the stars are subject to the Magus.