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Do you know the value of Lavender? PDF Print E-mail
I’m often laughed at because I carry a small bottle of lavender oil with me everywhere, including on hikes. Over the years, lavender has come to my rescue for soothing headaches, coughs or raspy throats, sunburn, mosquito bites, bruises, congested sinuses to name but a few of the many ways I've experimented with this essential oil. Call me strange, maybe I was a gypsy or herbalist in a past life! For me, lavender represents a medicine chest in a bottle. This pleasantly fragrant essential oil is known to work wherever needed; no wonder it’s called the 'universal oil'.

A must in every garden; lavender is an attractive yet hardy plant and embodies healing properties that benefit both mind and body. Lavender flowers (fresh or dried) emit a strong, aromatic, uplifting scent when crushed between the fingers. For a quick mood pick-me-up or instant stress relief, crush and roll a few of the flower buds between your fingers, then inhale the scent slowly and deeply. The combination of breathing deeply and inhaling the lavender scent calms any nervous tension, anxiety and panicky feelings within minutes. Alternatively use fresh or dried flowers to make a pot of tea, pour boiling water into the pot and leave this to infuse for ten minutes.

For centuries lavender has been used as herbal remedy and because of its aromatic scent was traditionally has been used in the making of perfumes. Ideal to perfume the neck, ears, hair and other body parts ... lavender really smells great.

This essential oil has several properties that make it ideal of healing. Here are some other incredible and handy uses, to name just a few:

•    ability to relieve pain (analgesic)
•    anti-inflammatory
•    antimicrobial
•    anti-fungal
•    antiseptic - apply to insect bites, stings, cuts, scrapes and abrasions
•    reduces dandruff – infuse fresh or dried flowers in a tea, let it cool and rinse your hair
•    insomnia - a few drops of lavender on your pillow can induce sleep
Lastly, try using fresh or dried lavender flowers when cooking. This amazing plant adds a deliciously unique flavour to salads, custards, jams and also biscuits ...yummy!
I simply love lavender and hope you will also have some fun experimenting with this amazingly beautiful plant.

Bridget Edwards

'Change Specialist'
Energetix Healing
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