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Above all else, we live in a world of energy.
Thereafter is this a world of objects - as it is quite obviously a world of objects as well, second to this being a world of energy.
Therefore it is essential that we work in the realm of energy and not only operate in the world of objects i.e. bodies, beasties or bicycles.

To do away with any winter ailments you may have contracted: influenza, colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis and in fact any unwanted things: despondency, financial troubles, self pity – work in the energetic realm by applying this technique.

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Snapping It Out
Best if you lie on a surface which can comfortably facilitate your feet hanging over the edge.

It is essential that you intend the liberation of your unwanted circumstance prior to commencing this technique. You have to want to get rid of it!
Another useful suggestion is to consciously alter your resonance by imagining and physically feeling the relief of having released that which you no longer want and your pleasure at moving forward without it.

Lie back on a flat surface.
Look in front of you – do not stare, rather let your eyes gently unfocus before allowing them to slowly close.
Visualise yourself with your feet in an ice-cold stream running from left to right. The stream is really chilly, you can feel the bracing frostiness of it. The rocks beneath your bare feet are flat and smooth.
Now physically rotate your feet in a clockwise circle at the ankles.
Allow the running water to draw away your flu or cold (your unwanted thing).
Feel all the tension flow down to your feet as you continue the clockwise circling. The running water draws away all your stress and tension as you feel it pouring out and away from you.
Then kick out the tension with a quick lateral snap of your ankles.

NB – In order for this technique to be effective, it is best if you direct ALL the tension around your circumstance away from you to be drawn out and away by the water. Include all the physical and emotional tension: pain, discomfort, anxiety, obsession, fear etc.

Kerrith Fraser