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Choosing your Thoughts PDF Print E-mail

There are basically only two emotions: good feelings and bad feelings.

We have created a great many variety of subtleties on these two emotions!

Bad emotions, to clarify, are the ones that make you feel bad: miffed, angry, rage, hatred, loathing, embarrassed, shame, humiliation, concern, worry, angst, fear, petrified, unsure, insecure, guilt, revenge to name but a few.

Good emotions are the ones that put a smile on your face and a spring in your step: mischievous, self-assured, confidence, pleasure, satisfied, happiness, calm, tranquil, relief, joy, appreciative, content, glad, cheerful, delight, exultant, ecstatic, blissful, thrilled and the refinement continues.

As thoughts come and go through our mind they evoke certain emotions within us.

When you think of your last boyfriend or girlfriend, there is an associated emotion with that relationship – perhaps anger at how you parted ways or maybe relief that it was over.

When you think of an upcoming holiday, there is an emotion involved with that thought too – possibly one of excitement at the adventure that lies ahead or angst because you have overcommitted yourself financially.

Either way, as you start taking note of the emotions that are present in response to the thoughts you are thinking, you are teaching yourself to become aware of your Internal Emotional Guidance System. We each have one. It is aligned with ‘Source’ or ‘God’ or whatever you name the power that creates universes. It only has your best interests at heart and will help you navigate yourself through life on the most wonderfully amazing journey to fulfilling all your dreams.

Which brings us back to the good feeling thoughts and the bad feeling thoughts. When you have a thought, it is not necessary to nail down a word for that specific feeling like: mortification or jubilation or hope. Nope! It’s much easier than that. You just have to tell if it is a good feeling thought or a bad feeling thought and follow the good feeling thoughts and create more good feeling thoughts instead of bad ones!

Why you ask? Well, what you think you attract, so more thoughts of: Everybody around me is an idiot, will attract more and more idiots around you showing you their stupidity. Thoughts of: Everyone driving on the road are brainless incompetent accidents-waiting-to-happen which will attract: more dangerous drivers wanting to crash into your very vehicle.

Thoughts of: Wow, I am so blessed, I have so many people who love me, attracts more authentic, caring people into your experience. Thoughts of: I have so much of everything I need in my life, brings more abundance of everything into your life.

And to top it all off, who really wants to think thoughts that make them feel BAD? Thinking thoughts that make you feel GOOD seems like a much better idea to me!

So there I was, driving home in my car. I was in an urgent rush to get back, I was worried I would be late, I felt my stomach clenching with anxiety. As you have probably all experienced before, an ultra-slow driver pulled in front of me, slowing me down to an achingly slow speed. They also reacted extremely slowly when the robots turned green. I could not overtake as there seemed to be an inordinately large amount of traffic coming in the other direction... I was feeling pressured at going so sloooowly and so the universe provided more of ‘going slowly’ for me as I was resonating at ‘going slowly’ instead of resonating at: arriving home quickly and easily!

Actually quite simple huh?!!

Live consciously