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The concept that our only purpose here in this lifetime is to be happy, to be joyful and exuberant brings me the greatest sense of relief and ease! Because, I can do that! Yep, it’s a whole heap easier than trying to bring about world peace single-handedly or even stopping the deforestation of the rainforests.


This is something that I have control over – I can manage myself and bring about this change in my world. When I am happy, I am generous and kind to others. When I am happy I am confident and fun-loving. When I am happy I am creative and curious.

When I am happy, I have an effect on the people around me. I see that they in turn begin laughing by then end of the conversation, that they too drop their seriousness in favour of playfulness and joy. They in turn in their happiness are generous and kind to others, they are creative and inspirational and the chain reaction that CAN affect the world and effect the positive changes we desire takes place.

Nothing positive in this world has been brought about by action from negative emotion. I have yet to see and angry mob of people demonstrating and setting fire to property receive the fulfilment of their desires satisfied. Sarcastic words used to put a person in their place still leaves a bitter, unfulfilled feeling in one’s stomach.

Positive emotion creates earth-quaking change for the better. I was to spend a weekend with a friend of mine. I had built up some negative thoughts around her; I felt I always had to be on my guard against a slight, a cutting remark, an underlying tone of judgement. I was on the defensive before I had even met up for tea!

Taking myself firmly in hand, I talked myself into a better feeling place about this get-together. I did not use words or examples about her that I knew to be untrue or that I wished were characteristics she had, I only LOOKED for those wonderful aspects of her that she embodies. I had been looking so hard at what I thought were her faults, that I had stopped seeing her wonderfulness. I remembered that she has always been very supportive of me and a sounding board when I had created some tough times. She has always been very generous in the past with gifts and holidays. She has always ensured that I play a part in her life. She can be exceptionally loving and nurturing. After this ‘pep’ talk, I felt a great sense of relief and new wonderment at this person that I share my life with.

Our get-together went astonishingly smoothly and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. I had not arrived in trepidation, expecting to defend my every thought and action. No, instead I arrived eager to hear her new stories, keeping her wonderful points at the forefront of my mind and enjoying the time we shared together. By arriving joyful and positive, she responded likewise. We were resonating at high vibrations which does allow for the presence of low vibrations (negativity) in much the same way that you cannot listen to 2 separate radio stations on AM and FM at the same time – different frequencies.

This small amount of ‘extra work’ prior to meeting with my friend had remarkable results. I had sat thinking good thoughts of her over a cup of coffee one morning whilst watching the birds in the garden.

The ratio of effort to result is enormous and well worth implementing. Ensure you think your appreciative thoughts of this person, or event, for at least 17 seconds for a positive outcome – 17 is the magic number!

Don’t take life too seriously,

Have heaps of fun,

Do your best to be happy more often than not!

Live consciously