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Negative thought repercussions.

I have heard it often said, that we as humans will never get it done and we will never get it wrong. In other words, nothing is ever finished or completed and that each step we take in life only leads us deeper into knowledge, understanding and expansion.

And so, I guess that there is no such thing as having thought something wrong, it is only that the outcome is not what was ultimately desired, it was unfavourable and possibly really, really uncomfortable! But through that experience, growth has occurred, a new perspective gained and hopefully some learning too.

There are some thoughts that seem to come unbidden, that simply appear to materialize in one’s mind. This is only due to your habits and the way you have trained yourself to think. Just like learning any new skill, a new thought and way of thinking merely needs to be practiced often enough for that new thought pattern to become dominant and the new habit created which will be the first pathway your thoughts travel down.

So there I was, standing on my kitchen counter stretching to place the newly washed ceramic bowl with its ill fitting ceramic lid back on the shelf with the glass cupboard doors. The thought flashed through my mind: it’s a heavy bowl, I hope I don’t break it when I take it down next coz this clambering around on the counters is a little dodgy.

I didn’t even catch that thought when it spilled across my mind, I didn’t even realise I was ‘putting it out there’ because in the next instant I was distracted by something new and being relieved to have my feet on terra firm once more, I busied myself with unpacking the rest of the dishwasher and the next tumble of thoughts ran like a pack of wild dogs through my head.

It was only when I scaled the kitchen counters a week later to extract that bowl, that I reached up and, not realising that its lid was on but out of my line of sight, with finger tips extended I slipped the bowl to the edge of the shelf where it tumbled down upon me. The lid flew off and cracked on my head to fall into the pot plants and shatter into pieces on the counter. The bowl itself was salvaged only because the kitchen towel had softened its fall. Dazed and with a tender head, I remembered with such clarity the thought that had been running through my mind when I packed away the dishes the previous week!

I had a good giggle and a cold pack after that and now do my best to distract myself with more exciting thoughts when in the kitchen.

Positive thought benefits.

When I think positive thoughts, I feel lighter, happier, more joyful.

When I think myself (using words in my head) more positive, there is a great sense of relief and I can literally feel my body relaxing, that tense feeling dissolving and being bathed in a feeling of peace and harmony.

An example I can share with you, is one where I have been worrying or even agonising over something. Once I have realised that I am running loops in my head with that particular thought, I grab my socks and give them a firm jerk upwards. Sometimes my mind strays almost immediately back to that event, but with determination and often a lot of surprise at how quickly my thoughts tracked back to my angst, I grab a hold of my mind again! (It gets better with practice!)

I had done something I thought to be embarrassing and my mind insisted on replaying the event over and over and over again. My ego was having a field day, revelling in my feelings of horror and shame. Once I twigged onto my mind’s obsession with this repetitive thought, I spoke myself into feeling better about it: it’s in the past and already over with, it’s not as serious as you are making it out to be, I am really blowing it out of proportion, you don’t do silly things often girl, it’s okay to make a mistake and you’re definitely not going to be doing that again are you!! Hehehe, and then I find relief and if I can make light of it, the laughter works a charm and even though I may not feel 100% OK with the event, I am definitely feeling a bit better about it, which is a positive vibrational shift upwards in the direction of where I want to be! Each time I begin that pattern of thought again, I talk myself into feeling a bit better about it and in no time at all, I have forgotten the ridiculous event and placed my focus onto much better ideas and feelings.

Each thought we think is living and out in our world – it’s more pleasurable to choose the fun thoughts!

Live consciously