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Stories I don’t WANT to Believe

I’ve heard a few stories recently, here’s two:

  • Eating food makes you fat,
  • You have to work hard to make money.

However, these are just beliefs. And they are someone else’s beliefs which I have unthinkingly gone along with, agreed with.

Beliefs are just thoughts which have been thunk so often that one now agrees that they are real, that they are fact actuality.

Time to flip the coin over and get another perspective!

This world we live in works with The Law of Attraction. That means that whatever you are feeling is the point from which everthing is attracted. If you are feeling down, more things will happen/come your way for you to continue with your feeling of feeling down. If you are happy, more events will cross your path for you to feel happy about.

The universe doesn’t give a fig about whether you are up or down, feeling good or bad or what you are experiencing in life – it is simply a force without emotion or judgement that provides the how to your creative powers. If you are creating in the way of being angry, pressured, fearful, well your magnificent creative powers provide the Law of Attraction with its focus for what comes your way – more to be angry and fearful about, and it does it with no malice, no pleasure, no emotion. It simply gives you what you ‘ask’ for because of what you are thinking and how you are feeling.

It is our responsibility to manage our thoughts and feelings in order to get what we want out of this lifetime. Yep, the basics sound simply, but we have the affinity to really complicate this universal process!!

Each one of us is the powerful creator of our own life. All our thoughts and beliefs are what affects our life. With beliefs only being thoughts repeated so often we take these beliefs as being real, it begs the question – Do I WANT to actually believe that?

Do I want to believe that food makes me fat?

Do I want to believe that I have to work hard for money?

Hell No!

I love the taste of food, the pleasure of eating with excellent companionship and scintillating conversation, the textures and flavours. I want to believe that food nourishes my body and is a pleasurable pasttime.

I want money to flow easily into my life, that there are many different ways that money enters my existence, that there is an abundance of money in my life and it flows in effortlessly.

These are the new stories I tell myself, the new vibration of attraction in my life, the thoughts which will beget more thoughts of the same and collect more evidence and events in my life of how glorious food is and how easily money flows towards me.

Live consciously