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Worrying – A Self-fulfilling Prophesy

For some of us, worrying has become a habit.

A bad habit that we are comfortable with and one that is justified with concerns that might appeal to a large group of educated people and which makes us believe we are right to do so. You know the kind, it’s the type of worries that are ‘reasonable’, those dreadful things that may or may not happen which could detrimentally affect the outcome of a situation. Those things are the things to worry about if worrying was going to be accomplished – this is what we tell ourselves.

Recently I read somewhere that: Worrying was like a prayer for the things that you DO NOT want to happen. Therefore, by constant worrying, your prayers may indeed be answered with exactly that which you do not want to occur.

In this life that we live here on Planet Earth, in The Milky Way, thoughts become things in this reality, in this time and space.

It is the attractive nature of thoughts to collect all the willing participants in the universe to line up in order to fulfil that which we spend our time thinking upon. It is simply how things have been set up and if one is to play and enjoy the Game of Life, well, it helps to know The Rules!

Aha! So, if one is WORRYING about something going wrong, then all the energies of life are striving their best to line things up to provide you with whatever thoughts are occupying your mind, the thoughts about something going wrong – which is in fact NOT what you want to occur if you are WORRYING!

Positive thoughts collect more positive thoughts. The same principle applies to negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts collect more negative thoughts in your mind due to their attractive properties and that is why it is so easy to skip from one bad thought on a subject to finding a whole heap of bad thoughts upon that subject. Have you ever noticed how when things go bad, they go really, really bad in a downward spiral, collecting more bad things as they go along? And when things go well, they go really, really well?

We were walking into a shopping centre the other day while a Mom was having an argument with her young son. He shrieked at her and she determinedly walked out. He threw a tantrum on the ground right there and the balloon he was holding slipped from his grip and sailed away. Furious at his loss and lack of attention from his Mom, he stormed towards us to catch-up his Mom and in perfect, amazing universal timing, the automatic, electric shopping centre doors closed on him at that precise moment, knocking him in the jaw and to the floor!

When in a downward spiral, the universe still does its best to give you what you place your thoughts upon, and the boy was not yet letting go of being annoyed and so the universe, in all its glory, continued supplying him with things to be annoyed about. I wonder how the rest of his day played out.....!

Frankly, the universe doesn’t care about what you place your thoughts upon. You could be in love or even furious with the world, Its role is to simply provide that which you ask for i.e. what you are thinking about or what your attention is placed upon, what you are feeling.

It is up to US to manage what we think about and how we feel based on what we have discovered we like and dislike from this event called LIFE.

So, it’s best not to continually worry/think about whether that mole of yours is cancerous or even to worry/think about not making your bill payments each month. Rather spend time thinking about that which you DO want: perhaps it is heaps and heaps of money or sharing fun times with your family outdoors under the warmth of the sun.

Worrying is not only a waste of time, but it has the ability to draw into your life all manner of uncomfortable things. Rather place your focus, thought and attention on that which you would rather have in your life.

Live consciously,