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Stories – Affecting Great Change!

Stories have the power to shape and change the world we live in.

We tell a tremendous amount of stories each and every day, to others and to ourselves, stories we don’t even want to be true and stories which break our hearts and our lives, while the majority of stories which would serve us to be told, are kept hidden away and never aired.

We are all wielding the sword of power each and every day with the stories we tell and share and are mostly oblivious to the effects our words, thoughts and beliefs are having on our day to day lives.

The world we live in is an attractive universe, and by that I mean that like attracts like. Happiness begets more happiness and revenge begets more vengeful situations.

And likewise, that which we place our focus upon creates more of the same for us in our lives. The more we focus upon a certain event or thing, the universe delivers to us more of that which we are talking about and involved with. Obsessing over something will bring even more of that. However, obsessing over the lack of something, will bring even more of the lack of that!

For example, worrying about not having enough money to pay your bills will bring about more situations of not having enough money to cover all your bills. Alternatively, feeling completely blessed that you have more than enough money to cover all of your expenses and some to spare creates more financial abundance in your life.

Now, the stories we tell, reflect our point of attraction.

So, what stories are you telling?

Do you constant tell everyone you meet your same old tragic story of, for example, ‘Life is so hard at the moment, jobs are so scarce and I’m finding it a real trial to improve my financial position’? or ‘I am still so dreadfully sick, thank you for asking, yes none of the medication seems to be helping and now it’s costing an arm and a leg to import this new wonder drug from beneath the ocean’?

Righto, in the wonderful attractive universe we live in, by re-iterating your uncomfortable situations, you will be provided with more and more of what you are focussing on i.e. your uncomfortable situation.

By focussing on and reminding both yourself and the world around you of your vibration of ill health, the vibration of wellness is unable to resonate in your life. You cannot vibrate at ill health (i.e. noticing how ill you are, telling everyone how ill you are, informing others of your symptoms, reminding yourself that you are not healthy, watching for bodily signs of ill health) and expect to get well if you are constantly busy with being sick! The story needs to change! The story of being ill needs to change to a different story. Perhaps it is best to start telling your story as the story that you WANT it to be, because the story you may be telling now is not the story you want to tell and whatever story you tell is the story the universe provides for you.

By telling a different story, your focus changes with the new story and the point of attraction shifts and your new focus brings with it more of what you have changed your focus to.

‘I am getting better and better each day and soon soon I will be frolicing about in the ocean and climbing mountains.’

‘Money is coming in easier and easier for me. There are always jobs available, the newspapers are full of them! Things have always worked out well for me.’

Are you still holding onto a story that you keep repeating over and over again ad nauseum, some terrible horror from your childhood? Or is it something in the recent past, some grusome tale that horrifies your listeners? Nobody really wants to hear those tales!

Much better stories to tell would be fun, wondrous ones, for your listeners but most of all for yourself.

Just ask youself: Is this the story I want to be telling about my life?

Live consciously,