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The exotic scent of vanilla wafts across the room and a wind chime gently tinkles as the slow breeze runs it fingers through the reflective rods.

The room is tastefully decorated in pastels and there is a feeling of serenity and clarity.

I have arrived for a kinesiology session and to explore what kinesiologists have to offer people looking for healing.

It is explained to me, over a refreshing glass of water, that Specialised Kinesiology is a non-invasive method of using muscle feedback and body awareness to help reduce stress and pain, improve performance at school, work and home, in sports and relationships and helps promote health and well-being.

I explain my dis-ease to the therapist and am asked to recline upon a warmly scented, padded therapist table.

I feel very safe and all she does is grasp both my hands at the wrists, with my arms in a relaxed position, and begin a series of muscle tests.


Kinesiology is the science of energy balancing and is grounded in the study of anatomy and physiology. It uses muscles as monitors of stress and imbalances within the body.

The kinesiologist is able to feel, through her contact with my hands and wrists, when my body indicates a stress. These stresses may be on a sub-conscious level or a conscious level and through various methods, they are able to clear the energy paths to give my body access to the energy which was unable to assist me due to a blockage.


My body indicates that I have a wheat intolerance and it is using a lot of energy to digest the food.

Ah, a light bulb shines brightly in my mind’s eye! Often after eating a large bowl of pasta or garlic bread, I feel very bloated and exhausted. The afternoons that I eat sandwiches for lunch, I crave the restful bliss my bed offers as my pillows call gently to me. As my body has to use a lot of resources to break the food down, resources from other parts of my body are called away from their perspective jobs to aid in digestion, thus I feel weary.

The body is a complete memory of all one’s experiences, all the feelings, emotions, traumas, and joyful moments. The body can identify to the day when you first twisted your ankle or when you first had your heart broken!

The kinesiologist gently asked my body to indicate when I first developed this intolerance. She counted down to the age of 6.

Glory me!! Have I been eating all this wheat for so long, feeling tired and lethargic for that many years? At the back of mind, in that quiet space, I know that this has been going on for some time, but, you know? I thought it was normal!

She asks me, “What happened when you were about 6 years of age and that involved wheat?”

I take a minute or two to cast my mind back. What was I doing and where was I at the age of 6 that involved wheat products?

It seems to be a rather ludicrous connection but quite remarkably a single event comes to mind!

I was in Grade 1, Mrs Olding’s class, and it is raining outside so instead of playing outdoors for break, we all had to sit on the carpet in front of the blackboard and eat our lunches.

I take out my gigantic red plastic lunchbox with its opaque plastic lid and peer inside.

My father was the one who packed my lunchboxes throughout my school career. He also taught me to share his absolute enjoyment in sweets and so helped to develop my sweet tooth.

I lift the lid an inch more to witness the treasure trove of sweets, fruit juice, sarmies thickly buttered and loving prepared with lamb or tender fillet steak with moth-watering sauces – all of which I thoroughly enjoyed… home!

Once again I was horrified to see such abundance and snapped the lid shut smartly. The other kids in my class were generally given brown bread sandwiches with butter and Marmite, sometimes jam or even peanut butter. And that was it! And that was the norm! But I got Smarties, fancy sammos, juice, dried fruit and fruit rolls and I was deeply ashamed of the fact.

As I child I desperately wanted to fit in with the others and any difference made me feel the separation greatly. Somehow during that moment when I couldn’t eat my lunch quietly in the playground, where no-one else could see what I had stashed away in that red, plastic lunch tin, in my shame I placed a charge on the sandwiches. (I simply preferred the sweets!) The lunch was intolerable to me as it was a physical representation of my difference.

Wow! I hadn’t remembered that in years. At that moment all I felt was love for this little child who so desperately wanted to be the same as everyone else, knowing that it was okay and that things would be all right.

We worked through a couple of other blockages and I was given a few tasks to continue with back at home.


What was a real epiphany, was the realisation that our bodies remember all our moments in life, that it holds keys for us when we are ready to clear the past so that we can move forward more elegantly in life and living.


I have often been astonished, but not necessarily surprised, with the answers I have received from visiting an alternative healer.

The intimate knowledge of myself that is shared is more a confirmation of the unconscious knowingness of myself that has been brought out of the shadow of my subconscious, into the light of my conscious mind where I am now able to make a choice as to how I prefer to continue.

There are moments when I would much prefer to deny outright that that is simply not me – but in all honesty to myself, it is in that cobwebby corner of my mind where I know these things to be true. It may be that part of me that hasn’t been aired in quite a while and I’ve piled a trailer load of junk on top of it so that it is just about unrecognisable……..There is that part of me that knows it to be true!


At times, the messages that the body is sending us may seem confusing and guidance from a healer will help you achieve a greater level of clarity.