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Why do we want what we want? PDF Print E-mail

So why do we want the things we want?

It is the same answer for everyone:

It is because we believe that in the having and experiencing of that which we desire,

we will feel better.

And therefore we are all seeking to feel better.

To bring that into your life which you desire you need to be a vibrational match to it. Lousy emotions and feelings are indicative of low vibrations. Low vibrations are only a match to ‘unpleasant’ things. Your dreams and desires are high vibrational energies. You need to resonate at higher and better and good feeling emotions to be a vibrational match to these things.

So how do you get the things and experiences that you desire?

You actively ensure that you vibrate at a higher resonance.

How do I do that?

You take good care of your emotional well-being by making sure that you have good feeling thoughts and good feeling emotions.

What do I do if I don’t feel happy?

I know and understand that sometimes when one feels down, it requires a huge amount of effort to apply oneself to tending to one’s emotional state. It’s so much easier to just continue feeling sorry for oneself. But this is where the effort is required; this is where the work is done. All that is needed is for you to feel just a little bit better than where you are feeling at the moment. Not any huge leaps, but just find a few thoughts to make you feel a bitter better about yourself.

Take care of your emotional state – this is your power in opening doors for all that you desire to come flooding into your life.

So the objective is to practice not allowing what IS to dominate your emotions i.e. what you see, hear, experience. Do not listen to the doom and gloom economists telling the world about a recession – that is ‘what is’. Practice not allowing people’s words to control the way that you feel. Their words may that may go something like: Jobs are so hard to find, jobs are scarce, the majority of start-up business fail within 3 to 5 years etc.

Practice not falling into that negative downward spiral, but instead, find the knowledge within yourself that everything is alright and place your focus on what you want and follow it up with shifting your vibration to thoughts and emotions that feel good.

There are basically 2 Options:

  1. You can observe something and worry about it or
  2. Observe it and not worry about it.

The more you worry about something is to place your focus on this negative thing and the more that which you are worrying about becomes evident in your life.

If you don’t worry about it, the less evident it becomes in your life.

So, you can’t notice that you have a lack of abundance if it is abundance you want. This is because abundance and the lack-of-abundance vibrate at different levels and you can’t be at 2 different levels at the same time – you’re either pregnant or you’re not!

So don’t worry or take notice of that which you don’t want.

So what do I do?

-          Be happy.

Happy resonates at the same level of abundance.

-          Distract yourself.

This works amazingly well! One cannot think on ones problems for excessively long periods of time because us humans are simply not disciplined enough to continue this long-term thought process – that’s the good news! Something will crop up that will distract you for a moment every now and again before your turning habitually back to the morose thoughts. It is to grab the moment when distracted to NOT turn back to those negative feelings.

What distracts me: sewing and listening to stories on disc, playing Sony Playstation, planning a dream holiday, watching an engrossing tv series.

Find something that works for you.

This is the work – finding some way to feel good! It helps to know a moment when you’ve felt good and to use that to get you to feel like that again. It’s the same way you feel when you have lots of money.

The emotion is the manifestation, so just go get the right emotion: What emotion does ABUNDANCE of money feel like? Maybe: ease, peace, excitement, joy, freedom. More in depth: confidence, cheekiness, free, flow.

Identify the emotions you are wanting to conjure – find productive words that will help you reach for that feeling of freedom and ease. Use words to describe the feeling of abundance for you.

Perhaps having lots of money makes you feel: relaxed, no pressure, not having to do anything, deserving, worthy, sure.

The work pays off and besides, we all want to feel better, it’s why we want the things we want and do the things we do.

Live consciously,