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An Abundance of Money PDF Print E-mail

I like to get right to the heart of the word abundance – for the majority of us, it means MONEY! Yes, there is much abundance of everything around us, but what most folks find challenging to get to grips with, is the money aspect of living here.

One of the important keys to improving your financial status is: FOCUS.

Not to focus on the lack thereof, or focussing on the feeling of not having enough or of being separated from the things that you desire. Nor is it to focus on the things that are not going well in your life nor in fact to even draw your attention to these things at all. In this case, to simply put those aspects of life that are not going the way you wish them to go, is to simply not dwell or think upon them at all – to put them out of your mind.

Because, power and attraction follows thoughts, and thoughts become things and therefore it would be wiser to place one’s thoughts and energy on that which is preferred and desired.

So, even if you think on, or place your focus on, or allow your mind to obsess on something that IS going well for you in your life, then the point of attraction rises, your resonance rises and the Universe can only but supply you with the desires that vibrate at these higher frequencies.

Even if there is only one thing that is going well for you – and everybody has at least one thing that is going well for them in their life – one thing that makes you smile, that allows the tension to fall from your shoulders, that raises your resonance through the pure fact that you feel happier, then that is what would be best for you to let run wild in your mind. Do this often enough and you will see the results of your work – small changes, things that come your way, the satisfying of desires, the easiness of life and living and the knowing that this is how it should be. It is also important, to remember to stop thinking on those things you DO NOT WANT, just focus on that which is going well and makes you feel lighter.

Life was set up for us to be happy and through happiness our desires fulfilled and new exciting opportunities created which in turn, will be fulfilled.

The key is to focus on the positives in your life and the rest will fall into place, problems will resolve, you will learn more about money and how it works and create the space for it to flow easily and elegantly into your life.

Now, money resonates at the same vibration as: happiness, joy, pleasure, satisfaction etc. All those good feeling emotions. Therefore it is not necessary to feel these specific feelings of joy around the subject of money, only to feel these types of feelings in general. A lot of people have negative thoughts and feelings around the issue of money. Possibly feelings of guilt, feelings of hard work, feelings of never having enough, beliefs that the root of all evil is that of money. But these negative feelings only serve to keep money flowing in directions other than your bank account or your pocket. So, without actively having to force yourself uphill against the weight of all the negative beliefs you have around money, all that is required is to feel the wonderful feeling of being happy!

Another way of doing this is to ask yourself what it feels like to have lots of money:

-          Freedom,

-          Relief

-          Joy

-          The potential to do anything,

-          Satisfaction

-          Comfort

-          Ease

You may have quite a lot of other words to add.

The above words don’t SPECIFICALLY relate to money, do they? No, they don’t.

So it is possible and easier for me to simply reach and feel the feeling of satisfaction in general than it is for me to actively make myself feel satisfaction in reference to money.

But since they all resonate at that higher feeling, if you spend more of your time in the higher resonances of satisfaction, confidence, pleasure, then all of those things that resonate at these levels become available to you – such as money!

Do not focus on ‘what is’ but rather on where you want to be. The more the focus is on what is, is a focus on the lack of money i.e. not enough in the bank account, too much going out and what are your feelings associated with this? Panic, fear, powerlessness, freaking-outness. Rather focus on where you want to be.

Perhaps the idea of large sums of money in your bank account makes you feel: pleased, satisfied, excited, bigger, happier, confident? These are the feelings that are best to focus on and to actually feel.

At any rate, fear and angst is not easy to breathe life with, being happier is way more pleasant and fun!

Live consciously,