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The Money-Making Movie

There’s this movie, you may have seen it?

It can play round and round and round in your head. It goes like this: I have to make money, I have to make money, I have to make money.

And it is such a constant thought that it creates its own specific feeling that you live with day in and day out. You wake up with this feeling in the pit of your stomach, it’s always at the back of your mind, it’s a constant presence wherever you go!

Seen it?

Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t.

But for those of you who regularly watch this video, well, to get that yucky feeling to go away, requires a bit of work in the ‘feeling’ and mental department.

Oh, yes, it would be sooooo much easier if we could simply take a pill for this condition or download an App, but apparently, that’s not the way it works. I say apparently because that’s what most folk do about it, well haven’t you? And it still feels the same, no matter what is going on in your bank account!

So, to put an end to this ongoing, unproductive movie, the plan of action is as follows:

1. Catch yourself each time that thought crosses your mind. You know the one! It may go something like: I don’t have enough to cover the bills at the end of the month, or, I so badly want to go away on holiday but there never seems to be enough money, or, whatever your unique problem is. The words above may change but the feeling is the same: desperate, panicky, worry, fear. Oh yes! You got it now!

2. STOP thinking that thought. Yes, that’s right, you can do it. Oh, until you’ve practiced this enough, you might find yourself back on the same merry-go-round not even five seconds later, but stick to changing it each time that thought raises its head and continue repeating the process.

The mind likes to run with things, so give it something else to run with, something which feels better. Rather PLAN that holiday that you want to go on and let your mind run amok with that instead. You may well find yourself gardening and suddenly realise that you’ve leapt whole-heartedly back onto that lack-of-money merry-go-round, the panicky thoughts and hollow pit in your stomach may be giving you a few clues! Nevermind, just give your mind something better to obsess over, it’ll all come right with practice!

3. To take this one step further, see if you can shift your vibration into something higher. You know you have shifted your vibration when the feeling inside of you changes. So if the feeling inside of you eases, becomes lighter, well done – a positive vibrational shift has occurred!

How to do this – apply yourself to thoughts that actually make you feel happier! Yep, I know it sounds ridiculously simple and you may well wonder if this process would really work. But thoughts become things the longer we place our focus on them and it is better to place thoughts on things one does in fact want (such as that holiday in the sun on a tropical beach) as opposed to thinking thoughts about things you don’t actually want (like not paying the bills at the end of the month)!!

Think thoughts that make you feel happy – there’s got to be millions of them, you may just have forgotten where you put them. How about your first kiss? What about that magnificent lunch? What about winning the lottery? You got it now? Yes, you have!

Oh, and to top it all off, Good Thinks make you feel better instead of worse. And since you have to live with yourself, happier is much better and easier!

Love yourself,

Live consciously,