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Youthfulness – The Art of Renewal

Reversing the Effects of the Passage of Time


It has been said that youth is wasted on the young.

Perhaps so, but only if we continue to foster a generation gap.

Dorris Lessing wrote a book entitled: Shikasta, wherein she takes a deep look into the personal psychological independence of man on earth. In her book, she suggests that aging is simply a mental disease that mankind has created, that we have created a cerebral deteriorating disease and have all bought into this concept. Ms. Lessing proposes that childhood is a short preparation for life and then adulthood could continue on for hundreds of years.

And don’t we all feel it?

Don’t you sometimes look into the mirror and get a surprise at who is looking back at you?

There is a dis-connect here, something is not quite right.

You can all feel it, I know.

Another authoress, Taisha Abelar, says: ‘Clocks are like mirrors, they measure the passage of time.’ Our intention is to rather live in time, not monitor time. It may conceivably be time to stop looking into that mirror and seeing, and even searching for, effects of time going by. To look and only see that which pleases you and not even notice that there are things that do not.

In order to even imagine the possibilities of an abundance of time from your current perspective – and by this I mean your body and perception of life – it is essential to shift your paradigms on age and youthfulness. One way to begin is to actively collect more viewpoints on this theme. In other words, let go of your current idea of age, aging, youthfulness and entertain the possibilities of more. Allow the possibility that there are other options without bringing it all back down to ‘reality’ and what you think is ‘real’ and what it is that you see around you. It is essential to have light, airy feelings on the topic – reality is heavy and so are the thoughts of aging and decrepitude.

Perhaps we do allow ourselves a period of physical growth, to mould our bodies into what we believe will serve us going forward into adulthood. Our bodies right now are capable of regeneration, it happens all the time: it heals cuts and scrapes, mends broken bones, grows nails and hair. It is therefore imaginable that it can regenerate our bodies healthily and youthfully all the time, just as it is repairing itself continuously.

Another viewpoint worthy of consideration: As we move through time, we collect many experiences and new ways of being which gives us each our unique perspective. It would be wonderful to continue in this life with these perspectives for long enough to benefit from the knowledge and understanding gained over this period of time. Most adults try pass their learnings on to their children: Don’t do that! they say or You’re only young once, rather do this! It’s because most people die almost before they’ve come to their senses and do their best to try prevent their children from following in their footsteps. But it is not words that teach, it is in fact life experience that teaches and we must all breathe in life and its adventures.

Living a life of awareness may provide more insight.

One’s feelings will provide a guiding light in this regard. Observe how you feel when the idea of your age comes up….

Abraham Hicks say that our bodies are capable of regenerating on an ongoing basis. It is our resistance that causes a physical decline. They say that we could continue youthfully for as long as we want. We could not remain as a child, however we could remain youthful. There is no need for us to become old and decrepit. They also mention that if there is conflict within ourselves, then our desires are not made manifest as conflicting thoughts, beliefs and emotions create resistance.

How conflicted are your ideas around remaining youthful?

All those lotions and potions, eye creams and skin firming gels – are you using them to prevent aging? If so, would this be described as a conflicting idea? To use something with the intention of prevent aging, is to believe in aging which is the opposite of believing that we can remain youthful.

Which would you rather believe in?

It is clear that our society has a great confusion regarding age and youthfulness and in order to gain clarity on the issue, it may require relooking at each belief and thought that does not serve us and consciously changing that idea within ourselves.

After all, a belief is only a thought that you keep on thinking over and over again until it becomes something you believe in. Trying to remove existing beliefs only re-energises the vibration of that thought in your reality and so, just forget about that particular belief! Never think on it again, just let it go and forget all about it. Rather focus your energies on creating the type of belief that you actually want to believe in.

How do you do this?

Well, one way is to catch that thought that you don’t want to believe in and change it to something you want to believe in. Slowly as you continue and make the effort, you will find that the thought does in fact change and a new belief is established!

Now, got a new way of looking at youthfulness going forward in your life?

Live consciously