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Youthfulness – The Art of Renewal

Minding the Generation Gap


We are all aware of how powerful words are. They have broken our hearts, they have crushed our dreams, they have brought us to tears, they have raised us up from the depths, they have brought satisfaction and pleasure.

The most important words are those that we each speak.

Our words that we choose to use reflect our thoughts and our beliefs.

When one starts paying attention to the words that come out of one’s mouth, you might find yourself in for a big surprise! Possibly without knowing it, you have been telling everyone everything about what is going on inside of you.

For example:

Sarcastic words – you feel that something is being taken away from you.

Angry words – you believe what you’re discussing to be very important to you.

But the question is: well, is it really that important to you and can anyone actually take anything away from you?

We become so conditioned to reacting and behaving in certain ways and we have so many strange and unusual programmes running that we don’t stop to ask ourselves: Do I still believe that, or have I learned and grown and perhaps have a new perspective?

And for me the most important: Do I even want to believe that?

How often have you heard yourself saying the words and phrases, “When I was young…’ or “Back in my day I didn’t..’ or ‘I am too old to do that’ or ‘Mutton dressed up as lamb’ or ‘That’s just for the young people’ or ‘My body is not what it used to be’ and the list goes on.

These words are indicating a belief in aging and decrepitude. People are creating a generation gap that I don’t think they would want to introduce into their lives if they sat back and looked at what their words are telling them about what they believe.

How old are you? is a common question we are trained to ask.

Who cares how old anyone is? What does age have to do with it anyway? I know enough ‘old’ people who haven’t learned a thing about life after many years of living here and kids that are mature with wisdom ‘beyond their years’.

And so we observe what comes out of our mouths and do our best to move towards better thoughts about time spent on earth. Our adventure here in these physical bodies is supposed to be FUN after all. We are eternal beings experiencing a physical journey for pleasure and universal expansion – let’s enjoy the ride and choose to step off the rollercoaster ride only when we want to.

We have a phrase here at our house. As soon as we realise that what we have said is no longer a part of what we believe or want to believe about life, we follow it up with, ‘Oh my gosh! My face just said that!” It provides for endless giggles around here.

I’ll elaborate. ‘They should know better at their age!” is quickly followed up by – Oh my gosh, my face has just spoken!

For those who wish to consider the possibilities of a longer, more youthful life spent here – observe your words and change the thoughts behind them to establish a belief that makes you glow from the inside out.

Live consciously