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Youthfulness – The Art of Renewal

Reality Creation


Above all else – this is a Reality of Energy.

Thereafter, is it a world of objects and things.

Even science, in this fantastically modern era, teaches us that everything is energy, from the nucleus of a cell to the electrons! All is energy vibrating at different speeds which gives each individual object its uniqueness.

Everything has a particular resonance which makes it that which it is – a tree, a leaf. Now extend this understanding further into the non-physical/unseen. Everything has a resonance, a specific frequency: emotions, diseases, thoughts.

What about youthfulness and aging and decrepitude? Yes, they also each have a resonance specific to the idea.

As a water molecule is heated, it becomes a gas. If that water molecule is cooled, it becomes ice.

All is flexible. There is a range for change if a force is applied to it.

This force can be known as intent or will.

Everything in this life is because of intent. Intent has, and does, create everything that is, has been and is to come. It is the force behind all in this reality, this multi-verse.

Perhaps another way of explaining intent is that it is the idea of all that is here and the idea of all that is being created.

There first has to be an idea of a ‘something’ before there is that ‘something’ and that idea is intent.

And so, it is important to set your intent upon that which you desire, such as youthful or abundance. Without an idea of what it is one wants, there is no intent and therefore nothing is created.

By thinking different thoughts i.e. in line with youthfulness, and by feeling better emotions, your overall vibration resonates at a higher frequency and more is made possible for yourself.

Why should our bodies be any different from the material world around us? The same laws that apply to physical reality apply to us as well, being as we are part of physical reality. Humanity has only pinched itself off from the abundance and flexibility and magic that this life offers. Nothing more drastic than a little pinching off which we can easily rectify through thought to create a new and better reality for ourselves.

Each person is the master of their own reality and cannot directly affect another’s reality at all. So this is an individual exercise for each person’s own benefit which will affect their own reality and life experience.

So it is important to focus your energy and thoughts on that which you do want. Do not pay attention to that which you do not want, do not even observe that which you do not desire. Place firmly your attention on that which you want. Do not notice the absence of that which you want because that too, is drawing attention to the lack thereof which is just the same as focussing on that which you do not want. Besides, noticing the lack of what you want makes you feel bad, so you will automatically know that that is NOT the right thinking for you. Only good thoughts and good feeling emotions will guide you to the realisation of your dreams and desires. Negative thoughts and terrible, yucky feelings are a clear indication that your thoughts are not in line with that which you want. All you have to do, is think better thoughts so that you have better feelings inside.

Society is conditioned to believe that we age and become decrepit. It is a tremendous force that is exerted in this direction. A lot of money is invested in having us believe this. Who else is going to buy the age-defying make-up, the creams, potions and lotions to reduce age spots and ‘keep you looking young’? We are bombarded with this information through various commercials and medical practitioners and programmes and heaps and heaps of real life ‘evidence’.

But the questions remains: Is this what you want for yourself?

One way to overcome the world’s push to have everyone believe in decrepitude is to simply observe it. That means: to witness it with no judgement. Do not push too hard against this negative thought form because this once again brings your focus and attention onto aging as well as giving you that angry, impotent feeling inside – which is not where we are aiming at being.

By only observing, it has a neutralising effect – it doesn’t get your panties in a knot about the concept, it soothes the feelings and emotions towards something warmer and more pleasant.

And finally, it is ever so important to relax.

All heals and changes when you are relaxed. Stiffness and rigidity holds energy tight and doesn’t allow it to flow.

When you are relaxed, there is less resistance to all that is presented to you in your life.

Be aware of relaxing physically and allowing for more flexibility in your thought.

The Art of Renewal:

  • Identifying and shifting your paradigms on age and youthfulness.
  • Flexibility in thought towards what could be possible.
  • Observing your words and thoughts and changing them to reflect a better belief system that you want to instil in yourself.

This is not a reality of action but one of thought and feeling. It is thought and feeling that create opportunities in which action then brings pleasure.

Each procedure and task, no matter how ordinary or even how little physical effort is involved, is a step towards fulfilling the ultimate goal.

The Kybalion: Anything is possible through application and discipline.

Live consciously