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Living Your Dreams


Giving Oneself Permission to do so.


I have often heard people say that we should all Live our Dreams and Sing the Song of our Hearts.

But what did this mean?

This sage advice often spouted from the mouths of people wrapped up in the drudgery of their lives – a contradiction when their lives were examined. It was a great source of confusion for me, their conflicting words and actions. Perhaps the phrase came more from a desire to live their dreams, than from actually living them? I thought.

But, I erroneously believed in the concept that when I lived the life of my dreams, that I would face no challenges, that everything would run smoothly, with no concerns and zero hiccoughs.

This is not the case!


In order for us to grow and expand, and in turn for the universe to grow and expand, we need to make decisions as to what we want as opposed to that which we don’t want. To determine this, we have life experiences and through these experiences we choose what we enjoy and what we don’t.

So, if I know I don’t like to feel sick, then automatically I know that I prefer feeling better. And I know this because I experienced the contrast/opposite of being healthy.


As a good saying goes, something to the effect of: To find out what you like, you will need to put your ladder up against a few walls, climb up, look over and see if it is something that makes you shout, YES! or something that makes you slide back down to ground again in a hurry.

It’s okay to try a few things to see whether or not you enjoy them – how else are you going to know? You may even be pleasantly surprised and if not, you’ll know for certain that’s not a route you want to travel any further down and it will no longer tug at your mind.


Now, if you already know clearly what it is that you desire from this life, for this moment (because it keeps changing – have you noticed? We are enormous beings that are expanding and so always wanting and desiring new things and experiences.), I found it was important for me to give myself permission to do it.

Strange huh? But, so much of society tells us not to be selfish, to put others first, to put yourself on hold. And I bought into that nonsense although it didn’t make me completely happy, it always felt as if I was missing out on something, putting something on hold.

Looking back, I see that when I have done what it is I have wanted to do and others have done what they have wanted to do too , there has been harmony in the exchanges, the experiences, the connections. However, when someone has not done what they have wanted to do, they have held themselves back or they have done what they think others have wanted them to do, then I’ve heard much grumbling about feelings of being short-changed or that the situation or result was ‘unfair’.


So, I find me putting myself first more and more, being aware not to concern myself with what others are thinking of me, and finding that I am happier more and more of the time. Not only happier, but more satisfied with a life that is fulfilling and fun.

I am also conscious that there will still be contrast, but contrast does not only have to mean that if I cut my finger I prefer a whole finger free of pain, no! Contrast can be experienced in many ways. How do I know I like peanut butter ice-cream? There was no discomfort in that experience, and I found that I prefer it to bubblegum ice-cream which is just okay but not fatal!


So, allow yourselves to explore living the life you’ve always dreamed of, make that inspired phone call that has been mulling away in the back of your mind. Put pen to paper to write that letter that you’ve been putting off for months.

Cast off your cynicism and grey outlook, dare yourself to have fun with life, to play within this universe. Believe that there is so much available to you for your pleasure and enjoyment, because there is and it’s all your and only yours!

Allow yourself to be re-inspired by the wonderment and mysteries that are available to you!

Give yourself permission to live what your heart desires because when you do … we all benefit from it.


Live consciously