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The Power of Our Dreams


Working the Dream


I have often woken up from a dream so real and vivid, the emotions still coursing through my body, still rollicking in the waves of the events.

I find that I judder back into this reality, have to claw the thoughts together of the here and now, pull my mind back into its regular place in my head. I sit quietly until I find myself back here again, with the beginnings of the usual chatter going on inside my head and the snatches of dream sliding away from me.

Unless I actively give these glimpses into my nightly wanderings attention, they dwindle away under the urgencies of the day ahead. If the dream was somehow important and it disappeared before I could grasp a thread to follow, it usually, miraculously, crops up sometime during the day or the following day. A snippet of something familiar will cross my mind and when I trace it back, more and more of the dream unfolds in its out-of-this world quirkiness.


So what value can we place on our dreams?

We spend a lot of our life, a lot of time, with our eyes closed while we slumber, rest and recover.

Life is meant to be easy, life is meant to be fun! But somehow, once we arrive on this planet, we are convinced otherwise. We begin to believe that life is hard, life is a struggle, that things worth achieving are worth suffering for.

We arrive here as pure, positive energy, vibrating with purpose, love and excited anticipation but as we take on the misguided beliefs of drudgery and toil, so hiccups occur in our high-flying resonance. Negative emotions and their low vibrations are introduced into our beautiful vibrations through: trying to please others, criticism, belief in hardship, pessimism and so forth.

These negative beliefs slow the flow of life-giving energy into our experience; they create a resistance in our naturally easy-flowing existence. Life is about going with the flow, enjoying the ride, steering your boat in the direction you want to go, NOT battling the current, paddling upstream, fighting and suffering and slaving away for every inch that you gain upstream in the wrong direction!


How does this affect our dreamscape?

When you are unaware of the resistance being creating by yourself in your life, when you are not allowing yourself access to the enormity of the easy-flowing energy of the universe, your dreams will reflect this.

Before uncomfortable manifestations are produced in your physical world, you do your best to draw your conscious attention to them through your dreams. If, you don’t catch on quick enough, not to worry, physical evidence will come your way! It may perhaps manifest as a symptom of a disease, or the drawing into your life of some uncomfortable experience such as a broken windscreen etc.

Therefore, paying attention to your dreams can ease your path going forward in life, can help release the resistance.


So what do I have to do?

You know those dreams that have you reeling in the emotion thereof?

Well, if the emotion you are feeling from that dream is positive, such as ecstatic joy, bliss, happiness, satisfaction etc. Then your energetic resonance is fantastic! Keep on doing and thinking as you have been doing and thinking – your dreams are confirming your excellent way of living.

However, if your dreams leave you with a negative emotion, such as anger, intense fear, embarrassment, shame, depression or leaves you feeling disturbed, then there is work to be done. Wonderful work to be done to clean up your vibration!


How do I clean up my vibration?

Cast your mind back to your dream; find a hook to latch onto. Just one little hook can unlock more and more of that dream – fascinating isn’t it?!

Identify the emotion that the dream evoked within you – how did it make you feel?

Once you have identified and labelled that emotion you can work with it.

Ask yourself – where in my life do I feel the same way as I felt in the dream?

Something should come to mind as you lightly swirl your finger through you life experiences. Nothing come up? Cast your mind further back, perhaps something as a child that you have yet to resolve within yourself.

Know that the answer is there. It is only you who is sending this dream message to you, so you are the one that is going to know about it.


An example.

A friend woke up being very angry with herself. Upon examining the dream and identifying her anger, she did her best to relate it to her life.

Where in her life had she felt quite the same form of anger as she had felt in her dream? It was immediately clear to her.

A number of times in her life she had known something, deep down within herself, and been certain of it. But then, someone in her life: partner/friend/expert/counsellor had told her otherwise, had said things like, “Do this or do that, go here or go there, rather be like this or like that, say this instead or say that” and she had known that it would not work because it had not felt right. But she had gone against this feeling within herself and followed their advice and things had never turned out well.

So she was angry with herself for not believing her ‘gut’ feeling, for not following her own instincts/intuition.

So, she resolved immediately to trust herself in the face of others, to risk upsetting friends and family to rather follow her own inner-knowledge than have things turn out unpleasant for her and feel that dreadful feeling of being angry with herself after the fact because, she had known after all.


Happy dreaming!

Live consciously,