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Releasing Resistance


On the Benefits of Sleep


The pleasure and refreshment that a good sleep provides is a wonderful feeling indeed! Even a quick catnap or ‘Powernap’ can result in a sense of renewal and invigoration.

An ‘escape’ from our conscious life, through a bit of a snooze, can aid in releasing any resistance we have built up.


We can have all that we desire, and in order for all that we want to arrive in our reality, we need to shuck off the resistance that we have to our desires.

Pure, positive energy flows through us bringing all that we desire in health, wealth, adventures and experiences. When we resist this natural, easy-going stream, we experience the contrast of this.

To explain, if wellness is desired, an abundance of wellness is available. However, if you unconsciously resist wellness, the energy of wellness cannot flow easily to you.

Resistance to wellness comes in a variety of subtleties, but the work is in raising your resonance to the resonance of wellness. You cannot be vibrating at the resonance of dis-ease/misery/depression about it and find wellness because wellness is a higher vibration than dis-ease/misery/depression – and a totally difference vibration!

E.g. If you are listening to 5FM on the radio, you cannot tune your radio to East Coast Radio KZN at the same time - the frequencies are totally different!

And so it goes with our frequencies, to vibrate at wellness, you have to shuffle out of vibrating at dis-ease and on upwards to wellness.


So how do I do that?

Do you remember/know what it feels like to be healthy?

What are some of the words you would use to describe your feeling? Happy, joyful, pleasure, satisfaction, enthusiasm, peace. These may be some words you’ve included.

So when you think about the dis-ease that you are experiencing, what words would you use to describe what you feel? Desperate, worried, concerned, fearful, panicked. These may be some of the words you’ve used to describe how you feel about it.

Now, I know that when I am feeling worried about something, I certainly am not vibrating near happiness, satisfaction or anywhere near pleasure!

So, the idea is to improve your feeling state, just by a little to gain a feeling of relief around whatever is disturbing you. (See previous article ‘Candida - The Emotional Journey’ on how to talk yourself into a feeling of relief).


How does sleep fit into all of this?

When we sleep, we release all resistance because we are not actively/consciously worrying about health/money/stresses. Pure, positive energy flows easily to and through us while we are sleeping. Through this relaxed, easy-going state, our body gets the opportunity to heal itself, to find balance, to ‘magically’ restore itself because there are no negative emotions impacting it and creating the turmoil which it has to counteract.

However, it is important that when you wake up, you consciously maintain that relaxed, casual state of mind that you benefitted from whilst sleeping. There would be no point in picking up the mental anguish, problems, negative emotions again when you awake as this is counterproductive. Sleep provides respite from those thoughts, a gap for you to collect yourself again after a reprieve, a space for us to begin again with new and better thoughts.

The work is to let these negative thoughts go when you think them. I find the best way is to recognise that the thought I am thinking gives me a terrible feeling and then to simply find another thought that brings me pleasure and then lifting my attention off the negative thought and placing it squarely on the happy thought.

I have a few happy thought back-ups for those persistent negative thoughts!! For example, I have picture in my mind of my cat’s face after she swallowed a spoon of very cold ice-cream – even now I find myself smiling at this thought! It even makes me giggle and I feel quite light-hearted overall.

This ‘feeling’ change from negative emotion to positive emotion is A VIBRATIONAL SHIFT from a low vibration up to a higher one which is where wellness, abundance, excitement, adventure is!


Keep practicing upward vibrational shifts and soon it becomes a habit that serves you well.

Talk yourself towards a feeling of relief, and soon happiness follows and after vibrating at happiness more of the time than not, wellness is sure to follow.


Find those happy feelings!

Live consciously,