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The Physical Journey – Treating Candida


In order to let Candida go completely, it is imperative to work on the Emotional Journey.

To provide your body, and yourself, some relief from the symptoms of Candida, some suggestions are mentioned below.

It is possible to eliminate the symptoms of Candida, but should a person find themselves experiencing the symptoms again: Relax and take a deep breath. Remember, it is just an indicator of what you don’t want, what might be a belief that is not serving you and you now have the option of making changes!

Wonderful is it not?




  1. Diet can make a difference to some folks.

Reducing the intake of refined carbohydrates can help reduce the symptoms as these food substances can stimulate the growth of these organisms because they are being supplied with what they need to multiply.

Just a few of the various items that can be eliminated from the diet:

-         Processed sugar e.g. cakes, ice cream, sweets as well as artificial sweeteners etc.

-         Alcohol

-         Dairy Products: milk, cheeses including cottage cheese.

-         Foods containing large amounts of natural sugar: honey,

fruit juice, certain whole fruits e.g. grapes, apples, pears.

-         Condiments: tomato sauce, barbeque sauce, salad dressing etc.

-         Breads: including wheat and rye breads even if they have not been made with yeast.

-         Excessive coffee and tea

Suggestions to add to your diet:

  • Two crushed cloves of raw garlic three times a day as this can inhibit the growth and may in fact kill the organisms.
  • Foods containing Vitamin B: fresh, raw, leafy green vegetables. E.g. parsley, celery, lettuces etc.
  • Oils containing monounsaturated fatty acids e.g. olive oil.
  • Unpasteurized, live yoghurt two or three times a day to recolonize your gut with lactobacilli.


There are many diets to be found and recipes readily available that are specifically structured to not support Candida. These eating programmes have a much more detailed list of food items to include and exclude from the diet.

E.g. The Anti-Yeast Diet which is basically low in carbohydrates and high in protein.


  1. Natural Remedies

A Brazilian herb that is readily available in a dried format to make a tea or in capsule form: Pau D’Arco also known as Taheebo.

Just about all the Health shops should stock Pau D’Arco or at least have access to buying it in.

Cranberry juice or tablets can provide relief from the bladder infection-like symptoms, but if this persists a doctor may need to be consulted to treat with anti-biotics.


  1. Medical Science

Pharmacists can supply OTC (over the counter) vaginal creams for the itching and burning.

Doctors can prescribe anti-fungal tablets. Remember that these drugs generally knock off all the organisms in the gut and it’s best to repopulate the gut with beneficial micro-organisms such as some sort of Pro-biotic.


  1. Guidelines from the Candida Research & Information Foundation Toronto:

-         Wear pure cotton panties.

-         Make use of a mild soap for bathing and showering.

-         Remember to always wipe from front to back, ladies, when going to the loo.

-         Refrain from wearing tight trousers and stockings.

-         Do not wash your underwear in strong washing agents.






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