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The Emotional Journey


RELAX – this is a key word for:

        Your Life

        Your Wellbeing

        Your Happiness

Humans seem to take things way too seriously!

The less we worry (which is an unnecessarily intense focus on the current feelings of discomfort), the easier it is for the body to heal and the happier each one of us will be.

So, take it easy; be easier on yourself.

You can more than handle anything that comes your way.

Feeling a bit better about things already?

Of course you are!

The reason you are still here is because you have successfully managed everything that has already come your way in life!

You are doing well.


A key on the Emotional Journey is to look for a sense of relief when you feel a negative emotion, and in reference to thrush: when you feel a negative emotion about the thrush currently being experienced.

Confused about whether your emotion is negative or not?

Well, it’s simple: you feel happy or not. The emotion is negative if you are feeling hectically bad, mostly bad, bad, bad-ish, little bit bad, slightly bad – you got it?

Ask yourself: Does this thought I have just thunk make me feel good or bad? Answer yourself with either only a Good or Bad.


The process regarding the topic of Candida, is in looking for a feeling of relief from wherever you are standing emotionally.

As you search and find relief regarding this subject (and all perceived negative experiences) so your vibration rises higher. From the new emotional vantage point, you search and find relief regarding this subject again and your vibration rises, you feel better and better mentally and emotionally and so the body has time to heal itself, find balance and becomes more comfortable to live in.

You will have noticed that the emotional point shifts and changes, and it is from each new point that you find this feeling of relief.

The objective is to work yourself up to a better feeling place and work upwards from there, not to keep going back to the original negative feeling place – we wanna get better don’t we?!? But in the beginning you may have the same thought cropping up until you find a greater sense of relief around that thought.


Wellbeing is found at the higher levels of vibration, where you experience feelings of happiness, joy, exuberance, passion. We all slip in and out of those feelings daily – you know what I’m talking about, when you’re on top of the world, you’re buzzing with happiness, your problems seem very far away and small and unimportant, you know that the world is your playground!

Happens to me when I’m driving in the car and a super tune comes on the radio and I crank up the sound and suddenly I have elevated my resonance up to a higher scale as I bop and sing along to the song, I’m flying high on exuberance, never mind what the original words are!


Now, remember that this is a PROCESS, it can happen immediately, but we are fortunate to live in a reality which has a buffer of time, so if we change our minds about our path in life, it can alter without us having to walk the entire length of it! If we apply ourselves to what it is we desire, it arrives.


We are not focussing on ‘healing’ or looking for the next ‘miracle drug’ or ‘natural/organic remedy’ and we are certainly not waging a ‘War on Candida’.

We are leaving the hard work, uphill climb and upstream paddling behind to rather find a feeling of RELIEF.


If you have a look at your body, there is so much more wellbeing than there is of disease, is there not?

It’s about relaxing your panic, irritation, desperation to become a casual knowing that your body can heal itself. It has hasn’t it? Heaps of times before today, in so many ways that you know of and even don’t consciously know of!

It’s a FANTASTIC body the one you got!

(Feeling a bit of relief there?)


Okay, down to the nitty gritty of an example.

How you find the feeling of relief is to talk yourself into a better feeling place.




You identify that you use these words to yourself:

I have tried everything to rid myself of Candida but it still keeps coming back and I don’t know what to do about it anymore.

(A feeling of powerlessness about it.)

So, you talk yourself upwards. Don’t expect to talk yourself into feeling ecstatically happy about where are – it’s too great a leap BUT, so long as you find a feeling of relief about it i.e. feel less powerless about it, let it go at that, you have done well! You have shifted your vibration to a higher level than it was at; it is already a great success.

So what you say to yourself is something like:

Because of this condition, my life has caused me to want wellness in a more powerful way, and this is good.

I have seen my body recover from things in the past. (Feeling relief?)

I know my body is a wellbeing body by nature.

I don’t have to figure it all out now.

Although I don’t know how to align with wellness right now, I can feel that ease is a path towards it.

I know it is natural for my body to be well.

It is natural for it to take some time for my body to begin to align to my improved thoughts of wellbeing.

There’s no hurry to any of this. (Feeling some relief?)

Even if I don’t know what to do in order to get better, my body does. (Feeling relief yet?)

My only work is to relax and to feel better about all of this.

I can do that.

I can do that easily.

(Feeling a sense of relief? Well done, that’s enough, that’s all you have to do is to feel a little relieved about it.)


Next time you have a negative feeling regarding Candida e.g. ‘Ugh, I have Candida again, or I worry that I might get Candida if I drink this glass of wine, or I’m so angry that I can’t eat sweets because it aggravates the Candida,’ grab yourself by the collar in the moment. Now talk your way to feeling a bit better about it, just a bit is fine. Find words and phrases that make you feel better. As you go along you may well find that your thoughts about it are not so dark anymore and there is light and relief flooding into your life.


Talking to yourself until the sense of tension goes away accomplishes a vibrational shift.

As you continue talking your way towards vibrational shifts, manifestational evidence is bound to follow.


Enjoy the process of vibrational elevation!


Live consciously,




Resources: Abraham/Hicks