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Treating Candida


Of all the routes of treatment, two options are clear: Candidiasis can be treated on the physical level and on the emotional level.


As we are emotional beings, physical symptoms of disease are as a direct result of our being out of harmony with ourselves.

Due to us being first and foremost of a vibrational nature, it is the wise (wo)man who tends to their vibrational health above all else.

If the vibrational/emotional ‘cause’ is not rectified, do not worry, your symptom will present itself again for you to look at! It is simply an indicator of where you are and what you are not allowing to flow in your life.

This is important, particularly for those who are experiencing Candida, because there is a tendency for these people to angrily beat themselves up with a figurative stick over having made the ‘wrong’ decision.

The bottom line is: there is no wrong or right! An unpleasing experience is only a way for you to make the decision to choose something else. A ‘wrong’ decision definitely wasn’t ‘wrong’ - it served a tremendous purpose! It provided great assistance in you determining what you want to experience from life and what you don’t. Magic!


Hence, it is best to journey down the Emotional path for ‘treatment’ and healing of all dis-ease, and make use of the Physical path to provide some relief for yourself as you focus on lining up with what makes you happy on the inside.


See the articles entitled: The Physical Journey and The Emotional Journey for a few ideas on each path to help those currently experiencing Candida to move forward sans the uncomfortable symptoms.