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Relax the Hold you have on your Body PDF Print E-mail

How do YOU hold your Body?


We animate the most wonderful, conscious organism that is our body.

These living, breathing, beating ‘machines’ are highly intelligent: cells divide and create new cells, cells create cells with different functions. All of what the body is, has been created from the sperm and the ovum.

Our bodies breathe for us, pump blood for us, defend against disease, create hormones and so much more WITHOUT us telling it what to do, WITHOUT us interfering in its job of living.

Of course it gets bumped and bruised as we take it places – our body that is.

We like to dip it in water a lot, we like to drive it around the surface of this planet, we like to stretch it, take it for a run, take it to the movies, dress it up, style its hair, paint its nails. There’s so much we can achieve with this body – places to see, things to do!

AND most of the time we are distracted by what we are doing, not telling the body how it should run itself and it does just fine.


Every living cell is infused with a consciousness of its own which is constantly working towards achieving balance.

In other words: the body knows what it requires in order to achieve its own balance/wellness.

It is natural for us to live and be in a state of wellbeing.

It is natural for us to be healthy

What interferes with the body maintaining its balance is ……… us.

The body is inherently intelligent – it created itself from a sperm and an ovum, it created its own liver, its own heart, it made blood to pump through the veins. It heals itself when it has been damaged, when the ankle has been sprained, when there is infection.

It does all this without being told to, without us reminding it that it needs to beat another beat to pump blood through the veins.


Our interference with the body’s intelligence and wellbeing comes from our negativity: fear, worry, anxiety, concern, frustration, irritation, impatience, doubt, disappointment, blame, ‘overwhelment’, discouragement, anger, revenge, hatred, rage, jealousy, insecurity, guilt, unworthiness, grief, depression, despair, powerlessness.

Wow – it’s quite a list and I guess as part of the human experience, we cover if not all of those emotions, then at least most!


One way to begin making changes to allow your body the time and space to achieve its natural state of wellbeing is to simply: RELAX.

Yes, I know it sounds too simple, too easy and not of enough substance to effect healing, but the simple truth of the matter is that without our interference, the body can achieve healthy, happy wellbeing ALL ON ITS OWN. We can get on with the job of enjoying this lifetime and not suffering through it.


So, how do you hold your body?

Do you scrunch up your shoulders all the time with stress?

Do you frown all the time with concentration?

Is your jaw clenched tightly shut as you work?

Is your foot flexed upwards when you sit down?

Do you squash your eyes shut at night when you lie down to sleep?

Is your anus pulled tightly up into your body and held there?


Become aware of how you hold your body and relax each area where tension is held.

Common areas to look at:

        Mouth, jaw, eyes, neck, shoulder, anus.

Consciously relax each tense area of the body to allow healing to take place and the body to maintain health.


Besides, instead of a tight, achy body, it’s a much more comfortable body to be in when it is laid back and casual!


Live consciously,