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Determine Your Life Purpose


Having Fun with Auras


According to Richard Webster, author of Aura Reading for Beginners, we all have what is known as a Ground colour.

The Ground colour is the predominant colour of the aura through which the radiating colours shine like sunbeams.

The radiating colours determine what a person enjoys doing whereas the Ground colour represents the person’s possible Life Purpose.


One method of identifying your likely Life Purpose, as well as identifying your Ground aura colour, is through Numerology.


Each number relates to a specific colour:

            1 – Red

            2 – Orange

            3 – Yellow

            4 – Green

            5 – Blue

            6 – Indigo

            7 – Violet

            8 – Pink

            9 – Bronze

            11 – Silver

            22 – Gold


Determine your Ground Colour and your likely Life Path by creating a sum of your FULL date of birth.

Let’s say you were born on the following day: 18 October 1991.

We then create a sum of your birth date:

  1. 18

10        (month)

                   1991        (year)


Work this total of 2019 down to a single digit by adding them all together:

            2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12

            1 + 2 = 3

This means that this person’s Ground Colour and Life Path is probably Yellow.


However, there are two exceptions to this calculation known as a Master Numbers i.e. 11 or 22. Should the sum of the birth date reduce down to either of these two numbers, they are not further reduced to 2 or 4 respectively.


This calculation is about 95% accurate as people have occasionally been found to have different Ground Colours to their Life Path numbers.


Detailed Meanings of the Ground Colours



Capability: Leadership

This powerful colour creates a strong desire for success and to achieve.

Through childhood, this colour may be muted especially if the family requires each member to follow a strict set of family wishes. However once adulthood is reached and the person begins fending for themselves, the aura expands as well as the potential of doing whatever they desire to be doing.

Often people with red as their ground colour reach positions of large responsibility and leadership because they have great motivation, energy and charisma.

Red also denotes affection and warm-heartedness and may also indicate physical courage.

On the flip side, red ground colours can be nervous and self-centred.



Capability: Harmony and Cooperation

People of an orange Ground Colour are generally intuitive, tactful and easy for others to get on with.

They create a feeling of ease and may often find themselves having to smooth over turbulent situations.

These people are thoughtful, salt of the earth, capable and practical with good, solid roots into the ground.

On the flip side, orange ground colours can be lazy and uncaring.



Capability: Creativity and Mental Intelligence

The colour yellow generally indicates an enthusiastic person, someone who is excitable and changeable.

These people think quickly and being gregarious and sociable they enjoy entertaining other people and being entertained.

Lengthy debates on just about any topic are enjoyed.

There is a desire to learn but may skip over the surface of the subject instead of plumbing the depths.

On the flip side, yellows can be timorous and sometimes untruthful.



Capability: Healing

People with green as their ground colour will general make natural healers.

They are peaceful, generous, cooperative people that others can trust.

If needs be, greens can be very stubborn but otherwise they are easy-going and have a calm nature.

In order to change the mind of a green ground colour is to have them think that your idea was in fact conceived by them!

On the flip side, greens can be very inflexible with a rigid outlook on life.



Capability: Variety

The natural positivity and enthusiasm of blues shines brightly. They therefore have a large and vital aura.

Their life is just as full of contrast as other peoples, however due to their positive outlook, it may seem that they pull through the rougher periods more easily.

Blues remain young at heart.

They are truthful, sincere and generally speak their minds.

On the flip side, blues may find it a challenge to finish what they’ve started, although starting projects is usually done with great enthusiasm.



Capability: Responsibility for Others

People with an indigo ground colour may find themselves doing humanitarian work because of their healing and nurturing attributes.

These people take pleasure in helping and supporting others. Their greatest enjoyment is being surrounded by those that they love.

On the flip side, indigo’s may have great difficulty in saying ‘no’ to others and best be aware of being taken advantage of.



Capability: Spiritual and Intellectual Progress

These people may continually develop spiritually their entire lives.

It is best if violets listen to the call of their hearts so that they enjoy a life filled with happiness instead of fighting their natures.

There is pleasure in learning and growing in knowledge and wisdom.

On the flip side, these people may adopt an attitude of superiority that can turn others away.



Capability: Financial and Material Success

These people can be jolly determined and quite stubborn at times.

They set towering goals and doggedly set out to reach them with focussed determination. Pinks are regularly found in positions of power and responsibility because of this.

Underneath the outward determination, pinks are down to earth people who take pleasure in a quiet life. They are loving, gentle and kind.

Their greatest enjoyment is when they are surrounded by loved ones.



Capability: Humanitarianism

These people are philanthropic humanitarians.

They take care and are concerned about humanity; they are soft-hearted and generous.

On the flip side, it is important for these people to learn to say ‘no’ to avoid being a doormat to others.



Capability: Idealism

This colour is not often found as a ground colour.

These people are generally full of great ideas however the majority of them may well be impractical.

Silver ground colours enjoy dreaming and may not be motivated enough to take action.

However, when they do take action in a direction they deem worthy, there is much joy and progress!



Capability: Unlimited

This is a fantastic ground colour to have as these people have the potential to do anything they desire.

These people are generally found to be charismatic, hard-working, and patient.

Their success is usually found later in life.