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All About Aura Colours


What is the Aura?

The word ‘aura’ comes from the Greek word avra and this means ‘breeze’.

Everything has an energy field surrounding it, from a crystal to a plant to a refrigerator. This energy field is described as the ‘aura’.

The aura surrounds the entire body and reflects all the subtle life energies.

These energies flow and breeze around the body showing certain personality traits, thoughts, emotions and general well-being or lack thereof.


The physical aura that surrounds the body also contains colour.

According to Webster, each person has a ground colour and various radiating colours.


The meanings of Ground Colours


Each of the following ground colour contains the potential for:

RED – Leadership

ORANGE – Harmony and Cooperation

YELLOW – Creativity, Mental Brilliance

GREEN – Healing

BLUE – Variety

INDIGO – Responsibility for Others

VIOLET – Spiritual and Intellectual Progress

SILVER – Idealism

GOLD – Unlimited

PINK – Financial and Material Success

BRONZE – Humanitarianism

WHITE – Illumination and Inspiration


Through these ground colours, the radiating colours shine like rays of different coloured lights and generally indicates what that person particularly enjoys doing.


Radiating colours and their meanings


People with the following colours radiating though their auras are likely to:



-          Be in charge.

-          Take responsibility.

-          Make decisions.



-          Be nurturing and caring.

-          Enjoy spending time with family and friends.

-          Naturally intuitive.



-          Come up with new ideas.

-          Express themselves in a variety of ways such as writing, singing, painting, sewing, the arts.



-          take pleasure in challenges.

-          Enjoy opportunities in order to excel.

-          Be natural healers.



-          like a great deal of freedom and variety.

-          Travel and explore new places.

-          Go on adventures.



-          be of assistance to others, especially those they care for.

-          Find solutions to family issues.



-          enjoy the time and space in which to increase their knowledge and wisdom.

-          Get pleasure from uncovering the truths behind things.



-          enjoy creating new ideas whether of practical application or not, it’s the idea process that appeals to them.

-          Have great imaginations.



-          get pleasure from large undertakings.

-          Look for opportunities that cause them to stretch and grow.



-          take pleasure in planning and dreaming of financial success.

-          Therefore be magnificently successful.



-          idealistic and a lover of peace.

-          Provide support for their causes.

-          Look for a better world for the children to come.



Reference: Aura Reading for Beginners by Richard Webster