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Essential Oils should be part of our everyday use. They incorporate one of nature’s most powerful liquid substances. They are not harmful, non-toxic and cause no discomfort to the human body in any way when used in the correct manner. They can also be used on our pets with great success.


Although considered a fragrant natural charm to many, essential oils are initially derived from a natural liquid substance extracted from a variety of flowers, grasses, fruits, leaves, roots and trees. They have over the years gained a significant reputation among many practices for their extraordinary medicinal qualities. Essential oils are an important component of nature for the human society, simply because they help bring oxygen and essential nutrients to the bodily tissues and assist in blood circulation, while also getting rid of carbon dioxide and other bodily waste produced by cell metabolism.

This makes essential oils an important natural component to the human body.


Quick Fact about Essential Oils:


On average, one essential oil contains over one hundred components.


The aromatic chemicals found in essential oils are derived from phenyl propane which are precursors of amino acids that link to produce proteins, which are the building blocks for almost everything in the human body – from a small enzyme to the skeleton.


Another group of chemicals, terineols, found in essential oils are formed from acetyl-co-enzyme A, and play a crucial role in the development of hormones, vitamins and energy in the human body.


Essential oils assist in the beauty industry with their anti-oxidant and various healing properties.


When combined with pure glycerine, they provide a pure luxuriant aromatic product with wonderful healing and preventative measures.


Should you wish to discover the amazing benefits and pleasures of essential oils please contact:

            Sensual Soaps

            Russell Potgieter

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Essentials Oils to be used with care.  Consult an expert for supervised use.

Please consult an expert before use in pets.