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I’ve heard it said before that humanity ‘needs’ disease.

Ever wondered about the possibility that in order for us to expand and grow, disease could well play a vital role?

So, it begs the question why humanity would require something so insidious, so painful, utterly irritatingly, time consuming and uncomfortable.


There are those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear, and for those of us who aren’t so quick on the draw, we may require a few similar events for us to wake up and see what life is showing us repeatedly.

Our patterns of thought and belief are often brought to us over and over again in the most creative of ways. Now, to be clear, it is not often the same event, but something of which a thread of similarity runs through.

Let’s use money as an example. If your belief is that money comes through hard work, then hard work it will be. The pattern of belief may manifest in the following ways: hard physical labour, working long hours in the office and over weekends, the flow of money slows down if you feel you’re taking it easy or having too much of a rest.

An example regarding your health: If you believe that every year in winter, you get sick with a cold or flu (because that has what has happened each and every year for the past however many years – you have proof!), then each year going forward, you may well find yourself with a chesty cold, bronchitis or even a nasty dose of pneumonia.


But not all of our patterns are bad, a great many of our patterns serve us. If we turn either one of the examples above on their metaphorical heads, prosperity can indeed passively flow to each of us in abundance! A healthy body throughout the year is possible with a healthy mind.


The evidence of disease in our lives is a great big flashing neon arrow pointing to an area in our lives that is not in line with what it is we want for ourselves. I believe that most of us desire a life in a healthy, strong body. The presence of any uncomfortableness in the body is reflecting a pattern of belief, a pattern of thought that is not what is your highest desire for you.


Each pattern of thought has a certain resonance, a vibration specific to that concept. Louise L. Hay has detailed various thoughts and their associated thought patterns in her books on health and healing.


So, while we may miss the obvious signs and some of the less intrusive signs of our thought patterns and beliefs, we may well be creating disease to show us where we have limited ourselves in life.

However, in the same glorious breath we are creating health. There is a tremendous amount of wellbeing and health creation than there is of disease! It is important to view disease in relation to health as well.


How then do we relinquish the ‘need’ for disease?

To start making headway into health, is to identify thoughts and patterns of belief that make us feel negative inside and casting them aside for better feeling thoughts.

Yup, it can begin right now.

We all know those thoughts that cross our mind and leave a nasty taste in our mouths, a curdling in the stomach, a cold and yucky feeling inside. Perhaps a thought of a nasty accident scene on the road yesterday or remembering how ashamed you felt as a child when you were still learning to manage your bodily functions?

Perhaps it’s the yucky, sad feeling you get when you think of the wheat intolerance you have that doesn’t allow you to enjoy a variety of yummy foods?

Whatever it is that has you feeling yuck - stop it! Catch yourself following that train of thought and simply stop thinking of it.

Yes, simple as that although it might require an effort of will for the first couple of times, but it does become easier.

Simply place your thoughts onto ideas that bring you that feeling of happiness inside. Focus on ‘feeling’ better – yes, ‘feeling better’.

I find that our minds run madly with whatever thought you give them, whether it is one that makes you feel bad or one that makes you feel good. Give that brain a better feeling thought and let it run with that instead.

Some good feeling ideas may be that time you won a prize and were so surprised and elated, or getting your first puppy, or the love you feel for your partner, or the dream holiday you are planning in the Maldives!


By managing our minds better, by choosing better feeling thoughts, we live on a higher vibration of life which cannot allow the lower resonances of disease to penetrate.


Live consciously.