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Feng shui and beauty go hand in hand, the whole purpose of feng shui is to create balance, and balance is beauty. the effect of beauty and balance is calmness and peace. When we are calm and peaceful we are at our best and can act from a clear balanced state of mind.

We naturally gravitate to beautiful balanced spaces because our bodies mind and souls feel so good.

There are a number of ways that this can be achieved in our homes and offices.

One of the most important aspects of beauty and balance is ensuring the flow of  fresh air or energy through a space. Fast moving energy down long corridors, or through a large door and flowing straight across a room and out the other side of the house is most uncomfortable it needs to move slowly and gently through  a space then we feel more relaxed. Allowing the free movement of energy through a space means we can move easily through a space and  if we can do this it feels better and we don’t have to dodge pieces of furniture and the place isn’t cluttered.

Clutter is another aspect of life that just causes despondency and definitely isn’t beautiful. Clearing up clutter not only makes the space look beautiful, it allows energy to flow freely and when this happens we always feel better. Not to mention that we have done the job which has nagged us forever to do. Neatness allows energy to flow and when it flows balance is restored.

Another aspect is  light.  we make sure that there is an abundance of natural light. Large windows letting in fresh air and light are the best. If this is not possible then good quality lighting with air conditioners that are cleaned regularly.  Balance is needed here as well, too many windows and glass doors may give us too much sun and wind and does not give us nice little nooks for when we need to snuggle up in.  in an office, too many windows could be too glary and a wall against which to put our back making us feel supported and safe.  All creatures need support and when  working  in an office or sleeping in a bed, a nice back support is very important and it is particularly good not to have the door behind you.

Balance in arrangement whether it be desks or our lounge suite and book cases, can also be beautiful if organised so that there isn’t too much furniture, too many desks and bookcases that are too tall and tower over us which  make us feel overwhelmed.  Low lying and well arranged keeps us feeling balanced.

A beautiful well loved photograph or picture in a space automatically warms the heart and renders the space beautiful.

I practice as a feng shui consultant and assist many home, factory and businesses owners to not only create balance and beauty in their environment but help to balance the space so that difficulties can be reduced and finances health and relationships improved. Call Debbie Fox at 0826780976