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The Irrelevance of Age


I am often inundated with jokes about senility, Alzheimer’s, dementia and aging in general. And then on the other end of the spectrum the convolution that youth is beautiful and that one needs to make the most of their youth while they are still young and physically able.


First and foremost, above and beyond all that is thought to be important, is the fundamental and obvious fact that everything is energy. Everything vibrates at its own specific frequency, which science has conclusively proven. And everything includes the physical right through to non-physical, from toes and fingers to thoughts and emotions – everything vibrates.


So, while beauty may indeed be in the eye of the beholder, I am not convinced that we have to decline and age. So long as we have the desire to live and draw breath because life is exciting, dramatic, adventurous, we pull life force through our bodies for the path along which we want to travel.

Does it then really matter what age we are?


I remember wanting very much to climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. But this dream was marred by the fact that I felt rushed to do it ‘while I was still young’. Perhaps someone had mentioned something to that effect in passing or it was something that I had observed from the environment around me, I know not, but it placed an enormous amount of pressure on my little shoulders, a tension that was self-imposed and preposterous to boot.


Extrapolating the fact that All is Energy, that Energy cannot be created or destroyed, that We are Energy, it therefore stands to reason that AGE may simply be a thought-form, a ludicrous attachment to time and its passing that is both detrimental and fatal!

So, perhaps it is better to rather ensure that my body always matches my intentions, my desires, that which I want to experience.


So, I choose the position that: Age is Irrelevant!

It is my determined intent that I:

1.    Not assign age to anyone.

2.    I shall not ask ‘How old are you?’ or ‘What age are you?’ of anyone and

3.    I will not say what age I am, except to say:

Age is Irrelevant!