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Its time to let go of our Limiting Beliefs and Life Depleting Habits!

Resonance Repatterning at Absolute Wellness is designed to help your system to heal physically and emotionally.  Please note that the sessions are private and confidential.

What is Resonance Repatterning?

Resonance Repatterning® is a ground-breaking, practical system that helps you transform the unconscious patterns that keep you from leading the life you desire.

All of us in varying degrees, have unconscious patterns, beliefs and negative emotions that create limitation in our lives. Our oldest, deepest, core issues, that we are often not even consciously aware of, usually created in early childhood, may well have been holding us back all our lives. These patterns prevent us from having the happiness, abundance and fulfillment that we desire.

Your sub-conscious patterns propel you to behave & react in certain ways, they colour your view of the world and they create what you experience in life.  Resonance Repatterning helps you identify what these sub-conscious patterns are.  When you know what they are, you have the power to change them.

Where did it come from?

Resonance Repatterning is grounded in principles from New Physics and psychology.

How does science come into it?

This system works on the principles of resonance. You are an energy being, living in a sea of vibrating frequencies. Everything has a frequency, your thoughts, feelings, organs and tissues all vibrate at their own special frequency - this is what makes up the uniqueness of who you are.

When your frequencies are out of balance (or out of 'tune') you experience problems & disharmony in your life. When you repattern the frequencies (your inner melody), you change your experience of life and the quality of your relationships, for the better.

What happens in a Resonance Repatterning session?

During a consultation, the patterns of energy underlying any issue, problem or pain you are experiencing are brought into your conscious awareness and transformed thus creating positive change in your life.

The healing modalities used, to support the activation of new and empowering patterns, come from a wide spectrum of therapeutics, drawing upon sound, light, colour, breath, movement, fragrance and energy balancing, amongst others.

The Resonance Repatterning system is both practical AND profound.

We help you to tune out of resonating with the problems you are experiencing in your life and into resonating with your intentions - with what you want and need instead. Thereby, giving the body the permission it needs to heal itself completely.  Depending on the issue clients may need more than a few sessions.

This scientific treatment assists in overcoming depression, burn-out, STRESS, addictions, insomnia, ADD and ADDH.  Using Psychology, these sessions help tremendously to heal and re-build relationships! The perfect “pick-me-up” and “get-me-going”

The cost of the Resonance Repatterning sessions are R495-00 each and after six sessions you are treated to a comlimentary Top to Toe Royal Pampering which includes five massage treatments and meals at the centre.

Call now to make a booking and take a gigantic leap towards wellness and happiness: 079 894 4784. email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it