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All About Health is a comprehensive internet health destination that will provide you with complementary health solutions and holistic information on body, mind and soul..

Creating health is much easier than treating disease, and much more effective. Health is a natural state – it’s how nature intended us to be. In conventional health care, our natural wisdom seems to decrease as our knowledge increases.

Since health is our natural state, the best way to optimize health is to restore that natural state, retaining and maintaining as much of our innate or genetic capacity as humanly possible in the modern world.

While ageing is inevitable, premature decline, sickness, and chronic pain are not! Our natural state is a healthy one, full of vitality and untapped potential.

Interference, intervention and meddling are the enemies of health and wellness. To live a long, healthy, and pain-free life, we must let our bodies do what they do so well, repair, renew, maintain and restore.

The best way to achieve health is to tap into nature’s resources which range from our most basic and essential need for oxygen, to the body’s most necessary fuel – nutrition. Modern agriculture, food production, storage, processing and cooking make it highly likely that many of us have one or more nutritional deficiencies which can lead to all sorts of health challenges if not addressed appropriately.

All About Health will introduce you to various alternative wellness modalities that can assist you on your road to recovery and optimal health.

We look forward to taking this journey with you,